• Daylight Savings Time Sucks

    Daylight Savings Time Sucks

    With our clocks moving back 1 hour in a few days, it will be like traveling magically through time zones; our circadian rhythm will be crushed for a few days.
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    Daylight savings time (It is actually Daylight Saving Time) was created in 1918 to save the United States energy.

    But who uses energy today like it is 1918?

    No one.

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    In 1918 we got the birth of DST because the U.S. government adopted Daylight Saving Time in an effort to save energy. Back then it was an unpopular move, it would be repealed just two years later by the federal government. States had an option to continue to observe it and most have.

    Then in 1942 – 1945 during War Time President Roosevelt enacted year-round DST in order to conserve energy during World War II.

    From 1945 – 1966 we got the wild years.

    Lack of federal regulation led to a lack of consistency regarding the observance of DST across the U.S. then in 1966 we got a law on TIME.

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    In 1966 The Uniform Time Act

    Established regulation of Daylight Saving Time and provided states with strict rules to follow if they chose to observe DST.

    In 2007 things got a lot worse because of the Energy Policy Act.

    It was passed in 2005, this act extended DST an additional 5 weeks in the United States, beginning in 2007.

    Between 1986 and 1995, fatal traffic accidents rose 17% the Monday following the switch to Daylight Saving Time.

    (2006 study below) Over $9,000,000 in electricity cost due to DST and this tells you why the government allows DST to persist.

    It is about money. Like anything with them.

    And that electric power grid causes circadian disruption because of its artificial light and the electric power grids electric and magnetic fields.

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    A 2006 report found DST led to a 1 percent overall rise in residential electricity use in Indiana, costing the the state an extra $9 million. Researchers said that cost could be even higher in other regions of the U.S.
    Source: National Bureau of Economic Research.

    More issues?

    From 1983 to 2006, there was a 68% increase in lost working days due to workplace injury on the Monday following the switch to DST.
    Source: American Psychological Association.

    25% increase in heart attack risk

    A 2014 study showed that the hour of sleep lost when switching to DST can increase your risk of a heart attack by 25%.
    Flying is the worst thing for our circadian rhythm, especially going into the future, but also going into the past. Be sure to get sun and ground the days after a time change and fflying.
    11 percent spike in the number of depression diagnoses after the autumn time change. To uncover this statistic, Bertel Hansen of the political science department at the University of Copenhagen, who co-authored the new paper, examined nationwide data between 1995 and 2012 from the Danish Psychiatric Central Research Register, which included 185,419 depression diagnoses.
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    Some of the best things to do the days before and after the time switch:
    • Rise and bed same time.
    • Start going to bed a little earlier and waking up a little earlier before it happens. Same advise if you are traveling somewhere where timezone is different than yours.
    • Sunrise everyday. UVA. Midday sun UVB–UVA…..Sunset….. This is #1 Circadian Setter
    • Block blue light at night. Help is HERE
    • Ground (if you live in a city where power lines are underground like NYC–MOVE) Grounding Webinar
    • Drink good (non-fluoridated/tap) water. And Cold
    • More ketogenic/ Low carb high fat…higher protein. Fruit should be no more until Spring.
    • Don’t get sucked into dopamine lowering activities. (phone, video games, tv, high sugar,
    • Nasal breathing…………Breath Webinar
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    Here is an article from Society of Research on Biological Rhythms dicsusing why we should never change the clocks ever again
    Health is habits everyday. Disease is habits everyday.
    Luckily we get to choose everyday. So choose wisely.

    Stay strong, stay positive, be the Improvement Warrior!

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