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    Improvement Warrior Fitness

    New Albany, Gahanna and Columbus, Ohio Group Strength & Conditioning Program For Busy Adults Instills Easy Ways That You Can Change Your Body, Life & Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin Again!

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    At Improvement Warrior Fitness in New Albany, Ohio we are Coaches rather then Trainers. A coach inspires, motivates, and makes sure you are always progressing. We don't simply count reps and stand around with a clipboard. It's time to be coached to unleash your full potential & greatness!

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    Improvement Warrior Fitness New Albany & Gahanna

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    Stay Strong, Stay Positive, Be the Improvement Warrior.


    At IWF we make want to feel comfortable in your workout environment. Everybody who comes in comes in at different levels. You don't move up a level until you show you can. We also will give you continued support outside our training facilities walls with your nutrition, recovery, sleep, and stress management


    2-3 workouts a week combining strength & conditioning type movements like we do will be plenty for you to change your fitness, strength, self-confidence, and body. However, consistency is key. Having a goal is key. Having accountability and motivation is key. We provide all of that.


    Whether this is achieving a certain body fat percentage, weight loss or inches lost goal, moving up a level in FitRanX, or achieving one of your primary life goals..... With our fitness program everything becomes that much easier to achieve.


    Working out should be fun and challenging. If it doesn't challenge you then it won't change you. If it isn't fun then you won't stick with it in the long run. Our program has been designed to constantly keep you progressing and striving to become the strongest version of yourself. To become the Improvement Warrior!