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    Improvement Warrior Athlete New Albany’s Overcoming Adversity Program for Overweight Kids & Teens 

    Obesity and overweight problems in the past were more common among the aging age bracket. The adaptation to civilization has resulted lifestyles and an increase in lifestyle diseases. In the recent past the number of young adults and even children struggling with weight loss problems has rapidly increased. Medical practitioners and nutritionists have campaigned for healthy diets and involvement in physical activities. Children these days tend to spend more of their time in front of a television or playing computer games.

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    In every break of dawn people are becoming cautious about their weight. Children who are overweight get it really hard from their age mates who make fun of them. They are separated from the rest of the age group. This has some negative effects on them. They develop low self-esteem; it also makes them emotionally unstable.

    Puberty is an essential stage. The age between 8-13 years is when kids are in the self-realization stage. The ability of a child to explore and build on their self-esteem is necessary because it will have effects in the next stage. The age brackets between 14-22 years kids are transiting from teenagers to young adults. Their social life is extremely important. When factors like obesity and overweight deny them this stage, it becomes alarming.

    Weight reduction

    Regularly, Parents with children in this age are encouraged to help their children maintain the desired weight. Workout exercises and good diet plans do work for anyone who wants to shed off a few pounds. Apart from looking good, weight loss also ensures that our health and fitness are in place. Diseases which are weight related like blood pressure, diabetes and heart attacks are easily avoided. People and even children with the desire to work on their weight issues should be helped and not looked down upon. Teens should be encouraged to have at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day. This does not necessarily mean 60 minutes of strenuous activity. The exercise can be broken down through-out the day. Activities like, community programs and even school sport programs can assist a very high degree.

    Improvement Warrior Athlete-New Albany’s Overcoming Adversity program for young kids and teens provides a simple way for parents to get their child or kids into a structured proven weight loss and fitness program. IWA has a proven track record of working with overweight boys and girls and helping to develop their self confidence, fitness levels, and assisting with body fat and weight reduction.

    Improved self confidence

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    Does weight loss really affect self-confidence? Most of us have been bothered by this question once or several times. Some people think that it does while another group think it doesn’t. Well the only thing I could say is the compliments that we receive from family and friends after a completed work out makes us feel better. Though our self-confidence should not be measured on our physical appearance.  Confidence is about believing in yourself, the ability and capabilities that we hold in our hands. These abilities differ among people but everyone owns unique abilities and capabilities. For kids in the puberty stage, self-confidence is associated with physical appearance.  Parents should try and cultivate other values. Weight loss should be exercised for the main reason of health and not improve self-confidence.

    Importance of self esteem

    Sometimes I tend to think that the association between self-esteem and a person’s body weight has been set by the society. Though when you think about it, it is not rational at all. Self-esteem just like self-confidence does not depend on our physique. It should come from the fact that every person holds abilities unique from another person. Our bodies at different stages in life dictate the kind of weight to carry. If you look at a child growing, in many cases you will notice that the body mass is not even all through.

    Discovering your child’s gifts and talents at an early stage will help in cultivating their self-esteem. Teaching our kids that academic talent is not for every person is important. No child should be made to feel insufficient because they are not talented in this or that. Explore and discover your talent and know that you are equally gifted like anybody else.


    We are all different, even siblings from one family are unique from each other. Each person possesses a unique trait. Every human being has factors that can be attributed to how they are. Factors like temperament, genetic factors, habits and the environment we grow in. strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and talents are different yet equal for every human being.

    Our physical appearance should not dictate who is stronger. Teens that are overweight tend to fear those who isolate and bully them. But what they should not forget is that true strength comes from deep within. Once you discover yourself, analyze your uniqueness, you should not allow anybody to discriminate against you.

    Trying to fit in?

    Are you trying so hard to fit in? Well, I understand where you are coming form. We are all social beings and company is always good for us. But you should not try so hard to fit in a certain group simply because you don’t look like them. Furthermore you can never please everyone in this world. People should be able to accept you the way you are and for who you are. Be with people who make you happy. Always prioritize your happiness. I do not mean that you become selfish. No, but you should not allow people to step on you. To be accepted feels good, but you have to accept yourself first before you allow anybody else in your life.

    Live your life your way

    It is difficult to turn on the television set and not see the reports on how many of the youth aren’t eating healthy, thus contributing to rising obesity. With bad eating habits and a propensity to eat junk and processed foods, children are often at risk of being obese. At such young ages, obesity is dangerous and in some cases life-threatening.

    As a responsible parent or guardian, it is your responsibility to make sure that your child eats the right kinds of food. More to that, kids and the youth should be actively engaged in sports that allow them to exercise their bodies, get outside, and get fit. Instead of accepting obesity as a reality, we should work to ensure that the youth are more active in their young lives.

    As parents you are concerned for your child’s health and well being. But your child has got to want to change. Improvement Warrior Athlete New Albany’s Overcoming Adversity program will not work if the child is not ready to change.

    Obesity brings with it a myriad of physical and psychological problems. Youth who are overweight are in danger of developing heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, and other weight related problems. The additional weight becomes a problem on the joints, which makes it an issue for overweight youth to participate in sports. However, the most glaring of problems is lack of self-esteem and related confidence issues. It is a sad reality that overweight kids are prone to bullying from their peers, which thus affects their self-esteem. When young kids cannot accept themselves or feel confident about their appearance at such an early age, they don’t have a lot of success building their characters or expressing their feelings.

    So what can be done to prevent childhood obesity and the dangers that accompany it? For a young kid, the obvious solution is to eat right and engage in an active lifestyle. Instead of waiting until they are in their 20s to start exercising, the kids can engage in meaningful activities that will keep them fit and active. As a parent, one program that you can and should consider is the Improvement Warrior Athlete New ALbany’s Overcoming Adversity for Overweight kids and teens.

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    Improvement Warrior Athlete has put together an impressive package of activities and sports programs that kids from ages 8-22 can engage in to keep them fit. The activities are geared towards helping youth maintain an ideal weight, while also improving their speed, agility, strength, quickness, and power. And the good thing about the program is that kids get to learn from some of the best trainers in the world. Every young kid that walks into an Improvement Warrior Athlete training program gains invaluable knowledge on how to play their favorite sport, and more importantly, how to keep fit at all times.

    Remember that what a child goes through and experiences as a youth will carry over to adult hood. Change is hard, but the younger you start with your child showing them the benefits of health, fitness, and nutrition the easier the transition will be as they turn into an adult.

    Even if they never play a sport in the future, kids need to be active. YOUR child needs to be active, the benefits of a physical exercise program are too valuable to ignore. It is your responsibility as a parent to get them off the video games and television and into a regular exercise program.

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    Don’t wait any longer. Enroll today for Improvement Warrior Athlete New ALbany’s Overcoming Adversity Program For Overweight Kids & Teens, and get back on the path of just being a kid.