• Case Study Workout & Lifestyle Program Online & Physical

    Case Study Workout & Lifestyle Program Online & Physical

    This is the Case Study Program With Jason Yun. Do not register until you read the whole web page and Watch the video. After that if you still want to continue then Register.


    As I mentioned in the case study video above this case study program is all about accountability. I cannot coach you to a new life, new body, new mindset, new whatever your goal is IF there is no communication.

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    When you join this case study program I then become your coach, for as long as you need me to be. Does not matter if it is strictly online or if I do see you in-person. In order to become better you need a coach. I have several right now, and I have had many, many others since I started my business in 2007.

    So as your coach I value my time above anything else, and I will not let others waste it. Because I can never get time back. And neither can you.

    Respect my time, respect your time, respect the other members’ time  in this program.

    Life can change. I can help. If you are open.

    Again- Do not sign up for this program unless YOU are 100% personally ready.


    FAQ For Case Study Program

    #1-  The programs

    Online program everything is done online. Hybrid program- some of your workouts will be in-person at Improvement Warrior Fitness New Albany in Jason’s Home Studio Gym. Minimum 2 x physical workouts per week. Some of you will not be working out at all.

    Note: Wodify is now Everfit. To see the details of Everfit click here (You will have access to Everfit GOLD)

    #2- Costs:

    Online Program:

    • One Time Fee for 30-days only: $99
    • Monthly Membership $79
    • Monthly Membership with Monthly Coaching Zoom Call: $138

    Hybrid Program (Physical workouts and Online Program)

    • 4-Month Minimum Commitment
      • 2x per week  physical training $249
      • 3x per week physical training $299

    #3- Improvement Warrior University

    This program is part of IWU. IWU will eventually grow. The curriculum and programs within will constantly be added. This is where I see my business heading towards my ideal business to teach my students the truth and realities of health.


    More to come as questions come in.