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    improvement warrior podcast with jason yun

    It Begins- Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 1

    Today in this maiden voyage podcast we will discuss:

    1. Why I decided to start the IWP
    2. What/how it will be different than other health/wellness podcasts
    3. My history in terms of who I am, who I was, and who I am becoming
    4. The major key topics we will be discussing in the future.
    5. Why mindset matters most.

    Cell Chaos- Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 2

    Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 2 we will discuss:

    1. Blog Post Reading and Discussion of Cell Chaos which goes into the benefits of Cold Thermogenesis
    2. Meme Review
    3.  Benefits of the sun and the main topic of episode #3

    Episode 3- Coming Soon

    Sun Cosmetics: Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 4

    Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 4 we will discuss:

    • We discuss the highlights of my latest Improvement Warrior Webinar: Circadian Biology Part 3: Sun Cosmetics.
    • We discuss the highlights of a study: Insufficient sun exposure is a major public threat. Some of the good things and the bad things. Unfortunately they had some stuff in this study that is still the major belief of most people, doctors, scientists, etc….. But I debunk in this episode.
    • C oo V eed updates and things you need to be aware of in terms of the Vack seen and why you should never get it. Plus why it is even more devastating for children. And a major shocker of how the CDC is actually manipulating the VAERS data.
    • Meme of the week covers the Redox potential and why it is the most important factor for our health.
    • Jack Kruse Blog Breakdown goes into one of his blogs from the Tensigirty series and has to do with Oxygen. And why you never want to do anything to block oxygen and the actual things that deprive you of it.
    • Finally I discuss the censorship I am currently in with Facebook and the one that just ended for Youtube. I opened up a mewe account and have started to post the controversial videos on my Bitchute account.

    How Vitamin D Is Made: Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 5

    Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 5 we will discuss:

    • Audio and video podcast down below
    • We discuss how about how vitamin d is made in the skin as a storage mechanism and then converted into the usable form to help with our immunity and health.
    • We also discuss a recent study on breast cancer and vitamin D and the mammouth protection it gives women from overall death and breast cancer death even with a level of just 30.
    • Meme of the week covers the how Vitamin D and your redox potential and nnEMF are intimately linked

    Supplement Journey & Why I Left Isagenix: Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 6

    Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 6 we will discuss:

    • We discuss my supplement journey that began back in 1994.
    • Some of the different diets I have done in the past and some of the major mistakes with each of them.
    • Why I never talked about nutrition with my clients
    • We discuss some of the detriments and benefits of the supplement company, Isagenix
    • We discuss why I started questioning the quality, integrity of Isagenix and what were the final straws that made me leave the company.
    • What is deuterium and why is it bad
    • We discuss the big problems with eating too many times throughout the day.
    • All the supplements I have taken in the past, the ones I have gotten off in the past couple years , the ones that are the worse to take, and the ones I still take
    • We discuss Dr. Jack Kruse’s detailed explanation on why most supplements are BS.

    Better Sleep Tips: Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 7

    Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 7 we will discuss:

    • Audio and video podcast down below
    • Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 7 we will discuss:
      • We discuss 36 different sleep tips. Some of these will shock you!
      • My original 15 tips plus 21 new tips to get the best sleep possible.
      • Why cold is linked to melatonin
      • What is the sleep hack that instantly improved my sleep
      • Which dog products I use and recommend for better sleep
      • When temperature is SUPPOSED to play a bigger role in us than light.  

    Electrons 101: Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 8

    Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 8 we will discuss:

    • Audio and video podcast down below
    • Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 8 we will discuss:
      • We discuss some of the aspects around the fundamental particle that life chose to use to animate life. This definitely is not the last electron episode. 
      • The thing that electrons can only interact with
      • Why you need to sun your private parts
      • What your redox potential is and how electrons play a role. (Redox potential is #1 indicator for health)
      • Why there is NO SUCH THING as a healthy fat person
      • Why Earth doesn’t need coffee for energy.
      • What DHA, electrons, and sunlight do when combined in your life.
      • The biggest thing that causes electron steal syndrome in humans 

    My Water Habit: Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 9

    Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 9 we will discuss:

    • Audio and video podcast down below
    • Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 9 we will discuss:
      • We go over my water habit from
        • where I get my water
        • how I filter it
        • the stuff I add to my water
      • Why you should never drink tap water
      • What to do with water at a Restaraunt
      • The types of water that are best to drink and the worst

    Guided Meditation #1 Sound Meditation: Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 10

    Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 10 we will discuss:

    • Audio and video podcast down below
    • Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 10 we will discuss:
      • A guided sound meditation
      • Every 10th meditation I will take you through a guided meditation

    Mindset of Obesity: Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 11

    Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 11 we will discuss:

    • Audio and video podcast down below
    • Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 11 we will discuss:
      • Why Fat Is A Leptin & Hormone & circadian Rhythm Problem, not a food one.
      • Why you must stop sugar-coating your fatness
      • Why it’s a personal choice to stay fat
      • Why/How obesity is a mental disorder caused by brain inflammation.
      • What I did to reverse my fatness, depression, and anxiety
      • Why Health is the number 1 attribute for happiness
      • Which animals should be the fattest during the fall. 
      • How your environment makes you fat and WHAT are your “environments”.
      • Most diseases are reversable but why aren’t all people curable?
      • The Two things that are keeping everybody fat but most don’t know or won’t believe it.
      • Which diet is #1 for obesity reversal
      • Mind Files and how they keep us down
      • The mindset of a healthy person vs. fat person
      • Is your trainer/nutritionist/doctor doing this? FIre Them
      • Energy activities you can engage in to get out of laziness routines
      • Obesity is not genetic, but toxic lifestyles can be passed down.
      • The known medical/surgical fact that proves fatness is NOT ABOUT FOOD
      • Why obesity ties into every disease of aging
      • Why being fat can never truly bring full happiness. 

    Breath- 14 Pillars of Health Webinar | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 12

    Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 12 we will discuss:

    • Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 12 we will discuss:
      • Highlights from the Webinar:
        • Why Breathing is so high on the 14 Pillars List
        • Why Magnetism is the Father of the 3-legged Stool of Nature
        • Who are the worst breathers and why
        • How mouth breathing destroys our mitochondria and our facial structure
        • Why collagen is so important for breathing and overall health
        • Why we are not supposed to be thirsty/hungry or pee while we sleep and how to stop it if you are
        • Easiest way to tell that disease is coming for you
        • Nose anatomy & how it affects our nervous system
        • Why snoring ANY amount is BAD and how to fix it
        • How to stand/sit for optimal breathing
        • Why melatonin and leptin is the most important hormones for health
        • Nasal breathing Exercising vs. Mouth breathing exercising.
        • Best test for exercise performance
        • Why you need to tape your mouth while you sleep
        • Why DHA is the most important substance for our mitochondria, oxygen, and our electric potential within the brain.
        • REAL #1 cause of cavities
        • How Nitric Oxide helps our breathing and health
        • #1 indicator for life expectancy (not what you think)
        • Is CO2 more important than oxygen?
        • Why training CO2 is important for normal people to elite athletes
        • How we actually “burn” fat
        • How your body structures water and why fluoride is so devestating to this process
        • the actual path oxygen takes in your body
        • Why supplemental oxygen is bad
        • The “MOST” important hormone??
        • Why you never should take fish oil
        • The Optimal Breathing pattern
        • The Wim Hof Method- the benefits, but also why you should not do it everyday
          • A Wim Hof guided session included (video below)
        • What is ujiyya breathing (video on webinar page)
        • Cancer and breathing
        • The thing we have that proves to eye and skin docs the sun is NOT bad for us
        • The best ‘doctor’ you are not listening to
        • Why Yoga today is dead wrong
        • How to yawn and cough from this day forward
        • Bad attitude is a disease
        • Why there is never a biggest loser reunion.

    Random Health Tidbits: Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 13

    Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 13 we will discuss:

    • Audio and video podcast down below
    • Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 13 we will discuss:
      • Why you need to put your genitals 
      • Sunscreen sucks. Sun cosmetics episode and webinar
      • Electrons and why they are so important. 
      • What are the cytochromes in our mitochondria
      • Why O2 is more important than water and food. 
      • Why you shouldn’t listen to people
      • POMC, dopamine, melatonin
      • Why dopamine is vital and what is the best way to raise it.
      • Why is Edison in the history book and Tesla is not. 
      • Why you should never exercise wearing a mask
      • Why being Fit doesn’t make you healthy. 
      • Why losing weight doesn’t equate to health

    The Playbook of Government Tyranny: Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 14

    Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 14 we will discuss:

    • Audio and video podcast down below
    • Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 14 we will discuss:
      • My facebook and youtube jail sentence
      • Why corporations use Sports and Food to keep you occupied from learning the truth 
      • How sports influenced me growing up
      • Are they attempting to make pedophilia and sex trafficking normal?
      • How THEY control you
      • Why we cannot let any government take away our Health. 
      • What is the big thing being covered up by the C word. 
      • My mask wearing habits 
      • Why breathing is more important than food and exercise
      • Why you need to do the research for the V, agenda two zero three zero, and more— my MeWe Group: Improvement Warrior Truthseekers and Bitchute: SunYun

    The Root Cause Of Autism & Autoimmunity | Improvement Warrior Podcast 15

    Episode 15 is a deep dive into the main drivers of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Autoimmunity. This podcast was stemmed from a comment who thought that his autism could not be cured. Most diseases are curable but not every person can be cured. Mindset matters!

    Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 15 we will discuss:

    • Audio and video podcast down below
    • Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 15: The Root Cause of Autism & Autoimmunity we will discuss:
      • How Autism Spectrum Disorder is caused and when and why
      • What are transition metals and how do they affect autism
      • An in-depth breakdown of two transition metals-Iron and Copper and they’re role in all disease
      • How the mitochondria is passed down and what is the issue with kids’ mitochondria when they are born
      • What causes Autoimmune diseases?
      • Why the DC Electric Current is Vital to our health and what the heck is it?
      • Why carbs help kids get sicker, especially with autism
      • Why nnEMF is the worst thing for a human’s health
      • Exactly how ‘switches’ in us get turned on or kept off– epigenetics 101
        • Why Autism is an epi-genetic disease and not genetic!
      • How osteoporosis is caused
      • How Alzheimer’s Disease is related to Autism
      • The Book and Newsletter everybody should get
      • The 4 points of Dr. Jack Kruse on how to go from an optimal fetus to an optimal adult
      • How Neuroimmune diseases are caused
      • What is Calcium Efflux and when its really bad
      • The most important factor for reversing autism, autoimmunity or any disease
      • The dangers of EMFs acting like a particle vs. a wave and ramifications on our health
        • Why women suffer from nnEMF more and get more autoimmune diseases
      • Why Tylenol is really bad overall and really bad for Autism
      • Exactly how a fellow mitochondriac reversed her child’s autism
      • What is Vitamin D’s role in Autism
      • My original Jabbseen research I conducted in 2014 with regards to my own daughter.
      • What is my biggest regret to date as a parent
      • What is Mercury and ALuminum’s role in Autism and neuroimmune diseases.

    Food Log Woes | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 16

    Episode 16 is a dive into an old food log that I found from 2013. Very bad eating habits that I thought was the absolute best. Live and learn. 9 Meals throughout the day. Just about a 19 hour feeding window. Talk about leptin and hormone problems.

    Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 16 we will discuss:

    • Audio and video podcast down below
    • Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 16: Food Log Woes we will discuss:
        • What books am I currently reading
        • We break down my food log from my original Cleanse in 2013
        • Why raw eggs and other types of protein are the best
        • Why Ohioans probably shouldn’t eat bananas in the winter (or ever?) and how it hurts your health
        • Why you should stop eating Chia Seeds and Kale
        • I ate 9 meals so why was I so hungry?
        • The real reason why eating too late is really, really bad
        • Why people feel the NEED for carbohydrates
        • More on Leptin Resistance
        • The 2 MOST important rules when it comes to nutrition!
        • When should I stop eating/drinking for the day
        • The best sources of DHA


    Infertility Can Be Reversed | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 17

    Episode 17 is a deep dive into the world of fertility. Did you only 3% of people are truly infertile. That means just like most diseases it can be reversed, however not every person is curable. Also like most modern diseases, infertility is skyrocketing, but that is the plan. We must arm ourselves with the knowledge, tactics, a deep purpose to take massive action to not succomb to the weakness affecting the majority of humans.

    Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 17 we will discuss:

    • Audio and video podcast down below
    • Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 17 we will discuss:
      1. The Luke Storey Podcast with Dr. Cleopatra that sparked this podcast
      2. You’ve heard of 1st,2nd,3rd trimester, but what is the Primester?
      3. What is Mommy Strength?
      4. How leptin affects egg selection and is this a good or bad thing?
      5. The actual stats of infertility in America
      6. Why we need to create super babies
      7. How 5G is messing up our fertility and overall health
      8. Why some people shouldn’t get pregnant until they do this
      9. What is the main thing causing infertility in both men and women?
      10. What leptin does and how it affects pregnancy
      11. Why kids are most effected by nnEMF and how it crosses the blood brain barrier and also the placental barrier
      12. Calcium efflux how it is the prime thing needed for an autoimmune disease.
      13. Habits of Health vs. Habits of Disease
      14. What are my non-negotiables for habits on my treat days
      15. What happens at the moment of conception and how does it relate to your circadian biology.
      16. How long does it take a woman to recover FULLY after having a baby
      17. Why we do not need fertility clinics. Only ~3% are ACTUALLY infertile.


    Yun’s Healthy Habits Part 1 | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 18

    In this episode of the Improvement Warrior Podcast, I go over the main healthy habits of health that I follow on a daily/weekly basis. If your health routine is only revolving around diet and exercise then you are not healthy. It is that simple. The fitness and nutrition industries are billion-dollar industries and they are not ready to let go of that revenue that most other billion-dollar industries. This is simply what I am currently doing. I share the things that work to inspire others to gain the energy and happiness they deserve IF they are willing to work for it. 

    Key Talking Points in Yun’s Healthy Daily Habits Podcast:

    1. Why water first thing in the AM is vital to health
    2. Why sunrise is most important thing for setting circadian rhythm
    3. Why you need to sun your genitals
    4. Does sky gazing do anything?
    5. How to alter your morning routine based on sunrise times and kids’ school
    6. If your habits are the same year round you are not healthy. Why!?
    7. What is the best exercise you can do when you are overweight or have a disease.
    8. Why you need to lose the mindset around exercise and diet for health
    9. What are the 3 most important times to be out in the sun?
    10. The different ways I use Red Light Therapy
    11. The benefits of photobiomodulation
    12. When should I eat
    13. What all disease and death is a synonym for
    14. 2 things to reduce or eliminate myopia
    15. How pooping is tied to a healthy circadian rhythm and when is it an indication of poor circadian cycling.
    16. My process for making my nuts healthier (nuts like walnuts, pecans……NOT those nuts SMH)
    17. Why you need to open a window ALL THE TIME
    18. Why you need a standing desk and why you need to be patient with it.
    19. How to turn your office into a workout
    20. Should your workout schedule change depending on the season?
    21. Why working out under blue light is really bad
    22. Why electron steal syndrome is connected to ALL diseases.
    23. Which part of your body is meant to PLUG into the ground to recharge the best
    24. The benefits of grounding and things you can do while grounding.
    25. Why eating multiple meals a day will kill your metabolism
    26. Why if you are cold all the time you are headed for sickness
    27. Why I don’t like the cold but I still face it everyday and make it my bitch
    28. The benefits of Cold thermogenesis and the different ways you can do it
    29. If you live near this and do not use it you are an idiot
    30. What is the best thing to do to increase your mental toughness?
    31. Why reading fiction before bed is better than non-fiction.


    ‘Fired’ for Blue-Blocking Glasses | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 19

    In episode #19, I discuss an event that happened to me when I was ‘hired’ as a part-time personal trainer and then let go because of my blue-blocking glasses. I talk about certain issues with the Fitness industry in this regard and how if they do not co-exist with the field of Quantum Biology and Circadian Biology then are they really any different from other industries just attempting to pump as much money as they can from people without truly getting to the root problem of their health issues.

    Highlights discussed from ‘Fired’ for Blue-Blocking Glasses Podcast:

    1. Why I was ‘fired’ for blue-blocking glasses?
    2. Why the fitness industry and most fitness programs and trainers are not truly about your health?
    3. When it is a lot easier to change?
    4. Why everybody should have respect for 50 Cent, regardless if you like his music or not?
    5. Why does it takes me so long to accept light as the main driver of health and disease?
    6. How are ego destroys us?
    7. Why I had to be re-introduced to Dr. Jack Kruse. Hint: I had a huge big ego
    8. The 2 things we have ultimate control over.
    9. Is coffee every day healthy?
    10. Why change is somewhat of a lie to yourself?
    11. Why Fitness does not equal health
    12. Why Weight loss does not equal health? Have you ever seen the Biggest Loser reunion?
    13. Why losing weight may hurt you in the long run?
    14. One big secret the fitness industry DOES NOT want you to know.
    15. What are the #1 and #2 reasons TO work out?
    16. What happens to you if you follow traditional weight loss advice?
    17. Why do most people block, ignore or call you names if you present info/facts that go against their beliefs.
    18. Why do you always need to open a window?
    19. Why every industry that cares about health, or pretends to care about your health, needs to coexist with circadian biology?
    20. When should you NOT work out?
    21. Why do I see fitness and nutrition as simply giant factory belts just keeping you on a hamster wheel?
    22. When you should fire your trainer or nutritionist for a half-truth?
    23. Why everybody should tape their mouth shut?
    24. Why a paycheck or a certain lifestyle can make you turn your head when the truth hits you or facts.

    Your Mind Palace: Guided Meditation #2 | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 20

    Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 20 we will discuss:

    • Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 20 we will discuss:
      • A guided meditation that helps you create your Mind Palace, sanctuary, mecca, peaceful place, your alone space, your mind training center.
      • Basically, a place to go anytime you are feeling the stress, hustle & bustle of life to melt it away, or simply a place to strengthen your mind.
      • Remember mindset matters most.
      • Everything I teach goes to the wayside if you have a crappy mindset.
      • Every 10th meditation I will take you through a guided meditation
    • Show notes and resources available at https://www.improvementwarriorfitness.com/mindpalace

    It Ain’t About Food & Exercise Folks | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 21

    In Improvement Warrior POdcast episode #21 I did a webinar for some employees at Salesforce. I present just some of the alternate points of health other than fitness and nutrition. I only had a 1/2 hour so I had to get in what I could. 
    Some of the key talking points in Episode #21
    1. The Old Rules of Nutrition and why you need to STOP following them
    2. The new rules of nutrition and why you need to START following them
    3. The secret every gym and personal trainer do not want you to know.
    4. Why you should not workout if you are overweight.
    5. Why nobody has a weight problem…..what they really have
    6. Why and how our circadian rhythm dictates our days
    7. When will the diseases start to show up and what is the FIRST Sign that something is not right.
    8. Why DHA is the most important nutrient you need to eat for health.
    9. Energy is life. Electrons are free energy. Are you gaining or losing them?
    10. Why taking vitamin d actualy hurts you in the long run.
    11. Why sunrise is the most important thing for health
    12. What is a solar callus
    13. What is the best exercise program to follow
    14. Why you never want to wear sunglasses
    15. Coffee drinker? What to do?
    16. How much water am I supposed to drink per day?
    17. What is the things that will cause you to want to drink more water.

    Q & A #1: Best Practices for Kid’s Sleep | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode #22

    In this episode, #22, we tackle our first Q & A that deals with Kid’s sleep habits to help them get the best sleep to help them and their brain fully develop. For more sleep tips also be sure to listen to episode #7: 36 Sleep tips. 

    Highlights discussed from Kids’ Sleep Podcast:

    1. When is the only time you should take melatonin
    2. How to combat jet lag
    3. Why you should never take melatonin
    4. My morning routine with my kids
    5. Who needs more sleep by age groups
    6. A new way I get my kids out for AM sun
    7. What are the top 3 times to get sun
    8. Why UVA is crucial for good sleep
    9. Best type of water for kids (and humans in general)
    10. The types of magnesium I use for sleep
    11. Do you need a smart meter cover?

    Sunglasses Suck & The 32-Day Circadian Rhythm Transformation | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode #23 & #24

    This video /podcast is covering the introduction videos for the 32-day circadian rhythm transformation. The first one will be launching on October 3rd, 2022. Last day to register is October 2nd, 2022 @ 300 pm EST
    The 32-day Circadian Rhythm Transformation will run every quarter in January, April, July, and October. If a transformation has passed just sign-up for the waiting list to be notified when registration opens. CRT Transformation.
    There are 2 podcasts episodes for the show notes

    Highlights discussed from Episodes 23 and 24:

    • Why sunglasses are one of the worst things for your health
    • The challenge will teach you why the EYE is the most important organ and how it communicates to the rest of your body
    • After the eyes, comes our skin
    • #1 thing for our health is Circadian Biology
    • #1 reason why people stop a diet program
    • How and why the eye clock is the most important clock/organ for our health

    Youth Athlete Muscle Building | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode #25

    In this episode, #25, I take on my first strength & fitness edition of the podcast. I talk about the best ways and reasons why your young athlete needs to put on muscle. I talk in regards to youth athletes aged middle to high school in particular. However, the tips in this podcast will apply to any and all ages; adults included.

    Highlights discussed from Youth Athlete Muscle Building Podcast:

    1. Best ways to train middle school to high schoolers
    2. Why being bigger and stronger will increase your confidence
    3. The 3 rules of strength training that apply for LIFE
    4. Is your young athlete weak? Then they are SLOW
    5. Best ways to put muscle on
    6. When should middle schooler perform a 1 rep max? High Schooler?
    7. Why sitting destroys athletes and all humans and how it affects athletic performance
    8. Why injury prevention should always be #1 goal of any QUALITY strength & conditioning program
    9. Training Years vs. Actual Age?
    10. Why weak kids will be out of power sports the fastest
    11. Why soccer is a power sport not an endurance sport.
    12. Why running distance will hurt power sport athletes