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    How Would You Like to Be Given A Chance for Your Young Athletes to Become Faster, Stronger, More Injury-Free & DOMINATE In Their Sport… For Absolutely No Charge?

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    Exclusive 2-Week Trial Offer Available to Columbus, Gahanna, Westerville and New Albany, Ohio Area Young Athletes Just Register Below to Get Started or Read On For More Information:


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    Improvement Warrior Athlete is the most effective and success-proven training program for young athletes in the world¦ Our results are guaranteed! 

    Please note Improvement Warrior Athlete was formerly Athletic Revolution-Hilliard



    Increase Speed, Agility, Strength & Flexibility

    Speed kills is the saying. However, there are different types of speed, different types of agility and certainly different types of strength. We want to instill lifelong habits around movement mastery. It comes with time and development of skill sets and coordination skills. We work with the INternational Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) to ensure proper development at each age and learning curve. Practice is a must and so is failure. We don’t expect your child to walk through our doors and perform like Lebron or Tom Brady, and hopefully you don’t expect that as well. Greatness takes time, but it starts now. There is no off-season for strength and conditioning for an athlete.

    Decrease Risk of Injury

    Our training methods work to reduce the likelihood of injury on a specific level and cater to the sport your young athletes play. Injury prevention is our #1 concern. Making sure they do it right. Because if they get injured then how much playing time will they get? We have all seen what has happened to injury prone athletes. Our goal is to make your son/daughter bulletproof.

    Dominate Your Sport

    The best athletes are always the fastest, most agile, strongest and flexible  our job at Improvement Warrior Athlete is to make your young athletes the very best they can be and DOMINATE on the FIELD/COURT/POOL/RINK or wherever they may play

    100% Risk Free

    This 2-week trial offer is good for any Columbus Area (Worthington, Westerville, New Albany, Hilliard, Dublin, Gahanna, Delaware, Lewis Center, etc…)  young athlete or team who wants to be the best. There are NO:

    • Hidden Fees
    • Aggressive Sales Tactics
    • Gimmicks


    Your young athletes WILL get better… 100% Guaranteed! As long as they SHOW UP and put in THE WORK!

    Register Below to Get Started on Your 2 Week Free Trial OR… Just call me directly for more information!
    Jason Yun, YFS, YSAS, CSCS, KBA, CISSN

    Sincerely, Jason Yun

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    Please note Improvement Warrior Athlete was formerly Athletic Revolution-Hilliard


    I signed up with Jason Yun in February  for his adult fitness classes.  I never adhered to a fitness program for very long and initially figured it would be a one month deal.  After only a week, I was hooked and knew I didn’t want to stop.  After 15 months of 3x weekly sessions, I still look forward to my workouts.  Jason is never unkind in class, only encouraging, and he has a way of getting everyone to push harder than they would on their own.  He is very patient and hard-working.  In addition to the fitness program, he sends out newsletters with health/fitness advice at least once a week, sets up fitness events to benefit various charities, and hosts free workouts open to the public.  If I had children, I would absolutely enroll them in Improvement Warrior Athlete with Jason.  You can’t find a better all-around workout, no matter what your age, and I’ve never met a trainer who cares as much as Jason does about each individual client and their fitness goals.” Leah Grode Hilliard, OH

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