• Vitamin D- The Seasonal Stress Hormone | New Albany, OH Circadian Health Center

    Vitamin D- The Seasonal Stress Hormone | New Albany, OH Circadian Health Center

    by Jason Yun

    ​​Sulfated Vitamin D3 is a seasonal stress hormone (Not a Vitamin) for those who live outside the tropics, and Where I live in Columbus, OH, Vitamin D is about to make a 3-month hiatus from 11/20-1/20/24.  Taking Vitamin D when it is not present, in most cases, is very unwise (circadian mismatch).

    There are 2 levels of a human Mitochondrial haplotype (group of alleles in an organism that are inherited together from a single parent). Coupled & uncoupled. You can be mixed.
    Coupled haplotypes usually come from the tropics or around the equator because they live in the strongest sun areas year round, they don’t need to as many electrons to get the work done  inside your cells. 

    Uncoupled need to UN couple due to the fact that where we live we need to make more free heat inside our mitochondria so we don’t freeze our asses off.  (When you are not living like an indoor zoo animal). This is how myself & others are able to sit in an ice bath, and from this & other cold exposure we become more efficient at ‘heating’ ourself (but most will call us f*cking crazy)

    So we are supposed to build our Vitamin D up to face the winter, when D goes away, we have other Circadian stress hormones that help deal with the loss/lack of vitamin D
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    Cortisteroids effect ferritin, ceruloplasm and erythropoetin levels. And these can affect minerals and their transfers around the body. They are made in the anterior pituitary gland. Sunrise, which you should of saw this morning, turns on the hormone factory from the pituitary.

    These blends of hormones allow us to wake up (Naturally no coffee needed), regulate blood sugar (make us hungry for breakfast, energy to do stuff and get ready for the day. 

    Light frequencies from the sun change seasonally.  The sun changes what our surfaces (Eyes, skin, gut, lungs most important) can do. At night our surfaces are opaque and during the day we become ‘transparent’ so that the light can come in and signal what do to below.
    Vitamin D and sunglasses hormones coach jason yun new albany, ohio

    If you are an uncoupled haplotype you have the ability to adapt to the cold just like a Polar Bear. Ever seen a fat, heart diseased, cancer, autoimmune diseased Polar Bear?


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    Coach Jason Yun

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