• Sunrise While Driving

    sunrise importance jason yun dr jack krusesunrise importance jason yun dr jack kruseSunrise While Driving

    This morning, our morning routine changed a little.

    My wife left for her birthday trip to Disney World and so I was in charge of getting my daughter, Spencer, to school.

    Had to get her to her daycare by 815 am and they take her to school from there and then back after school.

    Problem with that time is sunrise this morning was 7:48 am. And we were driving while the sun was rising.

    Sunrise there is no more important thing for our health. At sunrise it is pretty much all red light, so if you are lucky enough to see it the Sun will be Red. Then it quickly starts changing to the normal yellow color and that’s because blue, orange, yellow, green start coming in. The red light helps to set your circadian rhythm for the next 24 hours, unless you blow it by staring and letting artificial blue light on your skin. Melanopsin, is our blue light antennae in our skin and our eyes. Once we ‘see’/feel this on our surfaces the pituitary gland starts making pregnenolone which is our master sex steroid hormone and from there can go on to make other hormones important for ‘waking’ our biology up like Cortisol.

    So while driving windows were down and looking at the sun as much as we could.

    I always say open a window if you are near one because windows block 40-60% of red light, 99%+ UV, and allow 100% of the visible spectrum in—which includes blue light. So being next to a window is a toxic environment.

    Even when it’s 10 degrees outside my window will be down. Even pouring rain, cracked window–just a little though. Because the Sun is non-linear, so it just takes a small stimulus to create a massive applification inside of you.

    Once I dropped my daughter off, my son and I came home around 8:25 and we did our 30 minute walk around the neighboorhood. I always do mine in shorts and shirtless. If you have health issues the Sun needs to ‘SEE’ those issues. Got kidney problems, show your kidneys. Got breathing problems, show your lungs. The Sun ‘seeing’ your body is how we evolved, so it’s good practice if you never want to see a disease as well.

    And of course it’s important to get out periodically throughout the day to see and feel the sun. Vitamin D leaves my neighboorhood in 29 days for the D Winter. So get some now.

    If you have questions about the sun or artificial light let me know. Always remember, your light environment is more important than the food you eat or the exercise you do.

    My 34-day light challenge is open. Links below.

    The journey of health is now, ~Contact.FirstName~, let me know if you need any help.


    P.S. If you need a good pair of blueblockers then check out Midwestern Light Therapy. Use code improvementwarrior10 for 10% off.

    Your Light Environment Is More Important Than The Food You Eat or The Exercise You Do!


    34-Day Light Challenge | 32-Day Circadian Rhythm Transformation


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