• Melatonin & Your Gut | Circadian Rhythm Health & Weight Loss Coaching

    Melatonin & Your Gut | Circadian Rhythm Health & Weight Loss Coaching

    Let’s talk about melatonin a little bit today. 

    Most people know it helps with sleep….. but you never want to take it, except maybe if you are flying through time zones.

    So most everybody thinks that melatonin through the pineal gland is the big thing, but it’s not.
    melatonin production not in pineal gland but in the mitochondria, jason yun dr. jack kruse

    The pineal gland release only happens when you have 4-5 hours of darkness before it gets released.

    leptin hormone more important than insulin jason yun circadian health and rhythm new albany ohio The real key is that AM Sunlight is what makes melatonin. It’s made in UVA light (When the sun gets over 10 degrees angle incline).

    Melatonin is made from trytophan, which is one of our 4 aromatic amino acids–think of them as sunlight helpers
    aromatic amino acids dr. jack kruse tryptophan jason yun quantum health coaching

    Serotonin is also made from tryptophan in our gut and its in our gut where the most melatonin is made.

    A lot of functional medicine docs will tell you your gut is where health begins, but it really is about the melatonin that is made there.
    melatonin is made in the gut and eyes and in UVA sunlight jason yun dr. jack kruse

    Your gut is your backup system to keep your mitochondria healthy.

    But the way we make melatonin FIRST is through our skin and eyes. Because what happens on the surface gets sent to below.
    your surfaces collect sunlight eyes and skin and gut and lungs jason yun weight loss coach Sunlight has both energy and information.

    But the most important part is the information. The organization of the cell, the physics of the organism is more important than the energy flow. Becuase if the organization is off, the energy can’t be delivered.

    So what your body is actually doing in that early AM sun is the sunlight is ‘grabbed’ and activated in our Red blood cells. The RBCs collect the light and circulate (how’s your circulatory system?) it to rest of body. When it gets to gut it is pulling seratonin in from the gut tissues into your blood stream to be activated by sunlight. Needs to be activated first, otherwise nothing happens. And that serotonin eventually ‘turns’ into melatonin.

    The quantum body….Amazing!
    gut clocks and shuman resonance magnetic fields jason yun dr. jack kruse leptin reset


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    Stay strong, stay positive, be the Improvement Warrior!
    Coach Yun



    P.S. One of the biggest detriments to melatonin is blue light. If you have not picked up a pair or 2 or 3 of blueblockers NOW is the time! Check out all the blue blocking options here. 

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