• In-Line Lunge Correctives- Functional Movement Screen

    On this page you will find the corrective exercises for In-Line Lunge.

    Each exercise will be listed in order from start with to finish with. Each progression will get you closer to a green light and ready to move forward with your Improvement Warrior Journey.

    Underneath each video corrective will be the downloadable handout with printed instructions for each corrective exercise.

    Short and sweet- All 4 correctives:

    1. Pulsed hip Flexor Mobility

    Pulsed Hip Flexor Mobility.PDF

    2. Gastroc Soleus Stretch

    Gostroc Soleus Stretch.PDF

    3. Cook Hip Lift

    Cook Hip Lift.DOC

    4. Assisted Split Squats

    Assisted Jungle Gym Split Squat.PDF

    Assisted PVC Split Squat.PDF