• Fitranx-September-2018

    FitRanX Level Up- Hilliard, OH Group Fitness

    Below is a list of everybody who leveled up and those who earned points. Big congrats! Always be moving forward. 

    Must be ?emotionally? in control. Otherwise we’re going to let circumstances dictate our actions!

    There are two things we have ultimate control over and that is breath and our thoughts. If we let our thoughts get out of whack our breath will get out of whack and vice versa. So we must be in control

    T. F. A.R. thoughts, feelings, actions, results! This dictate your life ?. Get control! It’s going to take time and practice but you are in this thing called life! And yours is not going to end anytime soon because the ?? needs you to shine today and tomorrow and all this week.??


    Improvement warrior fitness hilliard weight loss

    Get through this thing called life…..

    Lucy, our dog took a massive ??? on our floor this past week. Tisk tisk .
    Sometimes we are the ones who are doing it to ourselves. Figuratively and also literally. We’re doing it in our lives in certain areas that we should not be doing. Now we all procrastinate in certain areas of our life. And it is usually the areas that we suck ?at the most that we procrastinate the most. However when it comes to changing our lives, we know the areas that we need to start taking action on.
    So it is up to you to stop sh*&ting;? on your floor, in your mind , in your life. Take whatever action that you can today. No matter how small. Because those small steps eventually lead to medium-sized steps which eventually lead to Giant Steps.
    And then one day when you look behind and look back and where you started from then you will be a completely different person.
    However it always starts with that first step. Sometimes that first step is being aware that something needs to change.
    So what needs to change for you today to drive your life forward. There are a few things that will drive many factors for it. So pick that one thing and do that one little action step today.
    The world?? needs you to shine today??

    Hilliard strength training program for women

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