• Don’t Lose Weight! | New Albany, Ohio Health & Wellness Coaching

    Don’t Lose Weight! | New Albany, Ohio Health & Wellness Coaching

    We are nearing the end of 2023 and about to jump into 2024

    But I want to give you a fair warning……..


    Weight loss is a trillion dollar industry with everything it directly and indirectly ties to. And it is this focus on losing weight that has lead to the major health epidemics around the world.

    People are creatures of habit and will tend to go back to the traditional advice of move more and eat less.

    This burns through stem cells and ruins hormones.

    So if you have ever lost weight before only to regain it in the future this puts you in a health debt. And the more times you do this the more and bigger then health debt will come.

    Especially as we get older because as we age we cannot repair as easy. And when we do need those stem cells to help repair say a failing organ as we age, we won’t have them. The worse case here is cancer.

    You see cancer is not the evilness that people make it out to be. Cancer is attempting to prolong life because of the bad choices one has made up to that point. It is an epi-genetic disease.

    It has nothing to do with family history or genetics. The latter is where all the cancer research money has gone to waste.

    The more we focus on creating massive calorie deficits, 600-1800 calorie diets, weight loss pills, weight loss surgery (THE ABSOLUTE WORST OF ALL), non-stop working out, etc…..then the more unhealthy we make the human being.

    Weight loss does not equal health. Skinny does not equal healthy.

    Strive for fit and healthy.

    losing weight diet and nutrition and crossfit bootcamp wrong way

    When you get your body to healthy, weight falls off. Doesn’t matter if you are 100-200+ pounds overweight….that should take no more then 12-18 months to fix.

    If it’s taken you longer than that we can assume you are doing things to based on convential wisdom…aka stuff that doesn’t work or only works for a short-time before complete reversal.

    If you need help let me know. If you have not watched my Leptin webinars that is the best place to start because Leptin is the master hormone. Join my private facebook group and go to Leptin Guide to watch HERE

    Check out my previous posts on cancer on IG HERE.

    You must LEARN how to take care of yourself, otherwise you will get sick.

    Stay strong, stay positive, be the Improvement Warrior!

    Jason Yun


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    Your Light Environment Is More Important Than The Food You Eat or The Exercise You Do!


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