• WODIFY PR’S Weeks of  November 17th- November 23rd, 2019- Personal Fitness & Bootcamp Trainers Dublin, OH

    WODIFY PR’S Weeks of  November 17th- November 23rd, 2019- Personal Fitness & Bootcamp Trainers Dublin, OH

    Below are the Personal Records (PR’s) for this past week in class.

    We track our strength exercises, weight, time, and metcons (metabolic Conditioning) through Wodify. 

    The workouts we do at Improvement Warrior Fitness, or our Improvement Warrior Online TrainingLBN Online Strength and Fitness Workouts, and also our Youth classes in Hilliard, are not simply workouts. You are always training for something. Whether it is the FitRanX assessments that we do every phase, or hitting a new PR, or reaching a new low in body fat, or dropping the inches or clothes sizes– there is always a purpose, always a goal for training.


    This week We had 34 new PR’s this week! Nice job Ethan x 4, Daniel x 3, Jackie x 3, Kimberlee x 3, Penelope x 3, Robin x 3, Brian x 2, Corey x 2, Jon x 2, Tanya x 2, Will x 2, Travis, Isaac, Me, Rae, and Swathi, !  WHoooo! Congrats to all the new PR’s this week! 

    This week, so let’s smash our previous best. Only way to change that body is to do more then we have done before (weight, reps, time, sets, rounds). 

    This coming week we have a total 7 chances to hit a new PR. The PR’s you get means the stronger and fitter you are getting. And that is the fastest way to change your body. Plus your mental strength goes through the roof- It’s all about mindset! 

    Remember enter those numbers in! Keep striving for more! You want to change that body you must keep progressing!

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    Education Never Stops

    You don’t know what you don’t know until you know you didn’t know.
    When you know better you do better.
    nutritionist jason yuntraining hilliard, ohioWe learn we implement we change.

    Most people hear, see, read something that goes against their beliefs/dogma/paradigm they will brush it off even though it might change their life.

    Life is extremely short in the grand scheme of everything and if you are constantly doing the same things over and not making the changes that will affect your life and future generations then it will be even shorter for you because you will be taken out by a modern man disease.

    Success is action even when you dont fully know what you’re doing. You are a torpedo…..Ready, Aim, Fire. Then keep aiming again and again because there is going to be lots and lots of misses. But missing is better then not doing anything.

    Keep learning. The world needs you to shine today

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