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    Improvement Warrior Fitness and Athlete in New albany ohio

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    Hello Neighbor,


    My name is Jason Yun, I am the owner of Improvement Warrior Fitness and Improvement Warrior Athlete.


    Our training program is located in my home gym in The Preserve North in New Albany, off of Hamilton Rd and Morse Rd.


    We are currently recruiting people to come and experience the difference that our training & coaching programs for adults and youth has to offer.


    Improvement Warrior Fitness is our adult strength & conditioning program. Improvement Warrior Fitness is small group personal training. Group training has gotten so un-personal over the years, treating people like numbers. At IWF we are putting the PERSONAL back into group training. We are results oriented training program, so our focus is getting our client results. We do this through the training sessions that we provide as well as the educational component—i.e. Nobody should go on a diet or workout to lose weight. Many people who come to us for workouts actually get placed on our Leptin Reset program (because nobody truly has a weight problem, it is a hormone problem). If you are on IG or FB you can search #LeptinWithYun for a deeper dive.


    Improvement Warrior Athlete is a youth sports and fitness training program (Please note IWA was formerly Athletic Revolution-Hilliard). We work with kids 8 & up. Our overall goals with our kids is to make them the best overall athlete possible while making them basically bulletproof (or injury proof), regardless of their sport, or if they even play one. IWA provides young superstars with an amazing program focusing on building them from the ground up.  We develop complete athletes and human beings, the champions of tomorrow, in our program using a method that your kids are guaranteed to enjoy.


    At IWA you can expect nothing but the best, just like all of our other coaching programs.  We want all of our kids to reach their full potential, no matter where they start. Whether they are an athlete or just trying to lose weight to regain their self-confidence, it doesn’t matter IWA is the place to be!


    Attached you will find a buddy gift certificate to use at both programs, as well as a flyer for our private online facebook workout group and our free facebook health group. Feel free to use the certificate or give them away to a friend who you feel can use it.


    Feel free to contact me about any of our services, or any questions about health, nutrition & wellness.


    We look forward to meeting you and helping to make you the strongest & healthiest version of you!


    Stay Strong, Stay Positive, Be the Improvement Warrior!


    Jason Yun CSCS, NSCA-CPT, FMS, YFS, YSAS, Fit Moms


    P.S. Download your free 17-step guidebook to ultimate health & longevity HERE


    Disclaimer: *The Improvement Warrior newsletter, podcast and blog contains information that may or may not fit with your views and beliefs. My goal is to provide the truth and wake people up to the falsehoods that have been propagated in the health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness industries. Some information provided is Jason’s personal beliefs and habits. Before starting or implementing any information that Jason presents to you consult your physician and do your own research, especially if your doctor is in the modern paradigm of belief themselves. Some links provided are affiliate links and Jason collects a certain percentage from those links. I only promote things I personally use and/or come from people I trust have done their due dilligence on a product or service.


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    Join my private facebook groups and take your health and fitness to the next level:–The Workout group: https://www.improvementwarriorfitness.com/lbnfb

    Improvement Warrior U: Building the strongest version of U: https://www.improvementwarriorfitness.com/iwufb

    Your Light Environment Is More Important Than The Food You Eat or The Exercise You Do!


    34-Day Light Challenge | 32-Day Circadian Rhythm Transformation


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    Download the free ebook taking you through 17 steps to becoming an Improvement Warrior and a Mitochondriac. Remember it is not just about Food and Exercise. Don’t fall for the lies. Download here.


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