• What if it’s raining? Morning Sun Rain- Hilliard, OH MItochondria

    What if it’s raining? Morning Sun Rain- Hilliard, OH MItochondria

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    Rain rain go away, come again another day. Morning Sun Rain.

    Even if it is raining still get outside so that your eyes and suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) need to see the morning sun.

    SCN is our main circadian oscillator. Circadian biology is our number 1 health factor. Nothing else comes close. No not food.

    If you wake up and you have an alien sun staring at you then that destroys our timing mechanism (aka TV, smartphone, coffee, etc…..)

    Morning Sun Rain: The star of the show  🙂

    As you can see in the video my daughter becomes the ‘co-host’ and talks about bagels and pancakes as being treats and treat foods……aka cheat foods or cheat mealsIt’s all in how you raise them. Many kids grow up on garbage food thinking it is completely normal to eat every day. Remember your kid is going to be an adult. Will they have the know-how and ability to grow up healthy? If you are sick now (any type of disease, overweight, over fat, no energy) how would you feel if your kid grew up to have the same issues? This is not a game. This is life.

    Kids and adults today are getting diseases that used to be for older adults (Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, leptin resistance, myopia, etc…..). Do you think there is a tie-in with technology, no sunlight (living like a vampire)? I know there is………

    Kids are governed by circadian biology even more than adults but we destroy it very early on. It’s why they are supposed to sleep 10-18 hours depending on their age. But how many of you leave the wifi on at night? Leave your phones on at night?  

    blue light circadian rhythm

    I’m here to bring you the truth.

    Some people will not be ready. A lot of those will parish before they are truly really.

    When you are ready for change and optimal health let me know.  


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