• Sunscreen: Unkown Death Causers Part 2 | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 36

    Sunscreen: Unkown Death Causers Part 2 | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 36

    Improvement Warrior podcast with jason yun

    This podcast is part 2 of my new series Unknown Death Causers and goes over the cash cow and disease causing world of sunscreen. We get into specific ingredients and the actual science of what is supposed to happen to your skin/DNA when sunlight hits you naturally versus what happens when you slather known carcinogens on you. Buckle up this one is a doosey.

    Please share the episode with anybody you feel it can help, especially those who wear sunscreen or put it on their children.

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    Highlights for Episode #36 sunscreen

    • The history of sunscreen and lighter vs. darker skin
    • Why humans do not need sunscreen at all
    • How to build a solar callus to be able to be out in the sun without burning
    • Why & how a solar callus is not just about solar exposure
    • Why Red light from the sun is vital to health and skin protection
    • What is your redox potential and why should you care
    • What you need to know about sunscreen and vitamin D
    • Why melanin, both visible and non-visible, is our super power
    • How sunscreens actually block UV light and why its bad
    • Why & how paleness is an indication of poor health
    • Why circadian nutrition, aka eating seasonally is critical for skin and overall health.
    • Why heteroplasmy is one of the most important factors for health and what it is.
    • The case for why UV is vital to life and why you probably need more (unblocked, of course)
    • The case for why UV light does NOT cause skin cancer
    • The things we have inside our cells to help us absorb UV light
    • The case for why artifiicial blue light does cause cancer
    • Why women tend to lose their health quicker than men
    • Where in the world is the highest rate of melanoma and why
    • What is histadine and how does it relate to histamine and why you never want to use an anti-histamine
    • Why DHA helps you build a solar callus and your overall health
    • Why our mitochondrial water ‘stores’ sun’s energy for later use
    • What a sunburn tells you and why it is not bad or does not cause cancer
    • How UVA and UVB created melanin work in your body and why melanin is your natural sunscreen
    • Sunscreen hurts our endocrine system and why that hurts our hormones and growth, development and metabolism
    • How UV makes POMC and why you should care
    • How sunscreens increase free radicals
    • How sunscreens increase the excited state of our atoms and why that is really bad.
    • Why melanin is supposed to transform UV light into this harmless, but needed ‘substance’
    • What are the worst sunscreen ingredients
    • The 5 biggest issues with sunscreen
    • How our body creates UVC light which is said to be blocked by our atmosphere
    • How sunlight works with our circadian rhythm and mechanisms on a seasonal basis.
    • How melanopsin, our blue light detector, helps skin, eye and overall health
    • Why Polar Bears don’t freeze to death and why humans cannot tolerate cold
    • And much more…..

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    Sunscreen: Unkown Death Causers Part 2

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    Sunscreen: Unkown Death Causers Part 2 | Improvement Warrior Podcast #36

    Release date 8/31/23 | 2:15:56

    Transcript: Somewhat 😉 Excuse misspellings

    Humans have always wanted to look attractive. Even in ancient times, people desired to avoid sunburn. This takes us back to the Egyptian days. Egyptians always considered light skin more beautiful than dark skin. However, Egypt’s sun-drenched environment made it difficult to maintain light and radiant skin. Recently, the papyri and tomb walls were translated and this revealed that the Egyptians used the ingredients of potions to ward off tan and also heal damaged skin. This is why the Egyptian mummies have been found to have the same diseases we see today. The slaves of this empire were far healthier than their masters. The irony was that “Ra” was their God and their vanity blocked them from “his wisdom”.
    The Egyptians used ingredients that have been rediscovered by modern scientists. For example, the Egyptians used rice bran extracts in some of their sunscreen formulas. Today, gamma oryzanol is extracted from rice bran and is used as in industry for its UV-absorbing properties. The Egyptians also used jasmine in their version of sunscreens. Recently a study revealed that jasmine helps to heal DNA at the cellular level in the skin and also mends skin damage. A lupine extract was also used by the Egyptians to lighten the skin and all these ingredients are still used in our sunscreens.
    In the early 1930’s, a South Australian chemist, HA Milton Blake, experimented and produced a sunburn cream. Following this invention, the founder of L’Oreal Company, chemist Eugene Schueller refined the invention and the first sunscreen made its debut in 1936. Guys, 1936 is only 90 years ago. This is right before the modern spike of all the neolithic disease we see by NHANES data. I now knew beyond a shadow of a doubt a blockade of light was behind the etiology.
    Later in 1938, a famous chemist called Franz Greiter developed a cream which he named as Gletscher Crème or Glacier Cream. He also came up with something called as the sun protection factor which is now known as SPF factor in a sunscreen. Franz invented the SPF factor which then became a standard for measuring the effectiveness of sunscreen when applied at an even rate of 2 milligrams per square centimeter. The initial Glacier cream contained SPF of two. This formula was picked by a company called as Piz Buin.
    Post this, many others tried experimenting with the sunscreens and many variants made their debut. In 1944, Florida based pharmacist, Benjamin Green patented another version of sunscreen. He called it as Red Vet Pet, and his patent was bought by a company called as Coppertone who sold it as “Coppertone Girl” and “Bain de Soleil” in the early 1950s. People looked awfully healthy in the 1950s.
    Finally, in 1980, Coppertone developed the first UVA/UVB sunscreen which has been in the markets with different names.
    Women were the Early adopters of the vanity message pushed by sunscreen manufactures that blockade of the sun made you look younger. Not only was the true, it actually made your skin atrophy and women became the vector of the modern epidemics of disease. They began to show up everywhere looking like this.
    Do humans need to wear sunscreen? And especially fair skinned humans?
    NO— as long as you spend enough time in sunrise, early AM UVA and the beginnings of UVB sun and also late afternoon, early evening.sunset sun.
    Why do these times matter? This is where we build our solar callus because UV is low or not there with sunrise and sunset but IR light is always there. 42% of al sunlight is in red spectrum.
    Do you think that is by accident? Hell no. It is very beneficial because of many reasons—red light therapy is very beneficial because of this but it never replaces the sun. I have 2 RLT panels one from koze that is a handheld and only has 2 frequencies of 660 and 880 nm and also an EMR tech Red light that has 4 frequencies. You can check those out at Iwf.come/koze /emrtech
    But red light never replaces the sun because the sun’s red frequenices go from 600-3000 and cover every gamut in between.
    Red light powers our mitochondria to produce more ATP—so don’t need as much food like our oroginal human ancestors who hunted, gathered, played, even slept outdoors or in caves….
    but IR light preps our mitochondria and skin for UV light……… also red light first step in creating EZ Zone or quantum coherent water (Charge seperates…….1st step in photosynthesis is also charge seperation aka build your battery and plants.)
    which is why I always say the #1 thing you can do for your health is see the sunrise everyday for the rest of your life and also get out once UVA shows up, which will be when the sun gets over 10 degrees (sun position demo app)
    So that solar callus is when we are protected from UV light so we can be outside during the midday when UVB is strongest and we are making the most vitamin D. This is especially important in northern lattitudes who don’t have a lot of powerful sun and who lose vitamin d in the winter. WHERE I AM………….Low vitamin d is an epidemic because of things like sunscreen, sunglasses, clothes, fear of the sun, umbrellas at kids games, etc….. last 2 years at Spencer’s picnic day—story…….
    But what if you’re like most humans who stay inside during the winter months and then go down to the beach and are afraid of getting burnt?
    Get to the beach early and stay late. Be as naked as possible in the early sun hours, for the mid-day hours, go under umbrellas, tents, put clothes back on, but take periodic breaks of 5-15 minutes of full exposure or simply swimming in the ocean— don’t ever skip that part—then the later afternoon, maybe an1/2 hour to an hour left of UVB (D MINDER) get naked again until you see the sunset.
    And get a kiniki——Balls and boobs………
    But of course don’t put the sunscreen on and don’t put the sunglasses on (IWP 31…….) and don’t be like most of the jabronis at the beach eating dorritos and cheetos or other toxic seed oil stuff which makes you more sensitive to the sun and harder to build a solar callus. Don’t put your phone on your head or body and throw away your airpods if you have them (phone and airpods upcoing UDC espidoe. but if you are dehydrated which phones and airpods do then you simply cannot be healthy.

    Redox potential- net negative charge a cell holds, it determines how much light power is buried in the coherent domains of water in a cell. Your mito makes a special type of water that can bury the power of light in it. Without this water the sun means nothing. What’s your BUN/creatinine ratio? What’s your vitamin d.
    Sunscreen blocks vitamin D, hence lowering it. Sunscreen has tyrosinase inhibitors. Tyrosinase is involved in process to convert to melanin.
    Combine this with an indoor life and then putting sunscreen on when they do go outside vitamin d lowers and the ability to actually make it drops as well because what is indoors— blue light, wifi, power grid, NNEMF.
    Sunlight strengthens mitochondria. Indoor life and sunscreen atrophies mitochondrial power. Use it or lose it. Same thing with working out and muscular strength. Lifetime of not working out big tmes issues when get older. Baby falls no problem. 20 year old falls no problem. 40 year old falls— maybe problems. 60 year old falls, maybe break a hip or die.
    Melanin skin sheets also atrophy. Again use it or lose it. So they remain pale, can’t build a solar callus. I’m talking melanin on both the outside and inside.
    You need a high redox potential in both your eyes and skin in order to be able to heat and cold adapt. Plus you cannot live like an indoor zoo animal under 68-72 degree perpetual spring or summer. 72 degrees at night is summer. 72 degrees during the day is spring; where I live.
    Sunlight can only be absorbed when we have a high density of electrons in our tissues. This is the photoelectric effect. You get eectrons from nature (sun and grounding) and also food and water—cold water has more electrons and more O2). But the food needs to be in-season and as local as possible. A polar bear doesn’t freeze to death because they eat fish, seal, walrus are always connected to earth, cold, cold water and don’t put on sunscreen or sunglasses.
    Aveerage american living in Ohio or Michigan or Minnesota eating mangos and bananas and pineapples while living indoors under 72 degree thermostat who goes outside in 50 degree weather needs to put on hat, goloves and winter coat because of the mismatches created with weather, seasons, indoor heat/cooling. And every time they go out in the warmer months they wear sunscreen and sunglasses…..blocking the light, but the sun won’t work in them because they don’t have enough electrons from the disconnected life they lead. We are suppoded to get 2/3 electrons from nature and 1/3 from food (fat, seafood) has most electrons in it. Seafood also allows to catch more electrons due to DHA (Webinar)
    That’s also why a seasonal eating approach is one of the most important aspects to health. A banana has electrons and also protons, and also deuterium (heavy water). Sunlight depletes deterium. Cold exposure depletes it too. Modern human blocks sunlight with sunscreen, sunglasses, clothes, hats, windows, umbrellas, etc… or never goes out in it. Modern human never goes out when its cold. Modern human gets cancer at a clip of 33-50% of their population. High deterium concentration involved in every cancer. Connect the dots.
    The banana also comes from a strong UV place. We eat light. UV light. UV light is used to signal and TALK TO OTHER cells. UV of 13 grows banana. UV of 2 in Ohio grows nothing in the dead of winter. Cellular chaos ensues causing confusion of mitochondria, reducing redox potential, inducing inflammtion decreasing mitochondrial water aka the EZ water, that exludes protons and electrons from each other creating a bettery or in this case shirking the battery so you feel like your energy tank is always running on Empty. Causing you do to modern human tricks like drink coffee/caffiene all day or eat carbs out of season for a boost of energy….meanwhile the answer lies in mother nature.
    Our mitochndria when working properly is supposed to HEAT us in the cold and cool us in the heat. This is why polar bears don’t freeze to death and can swim in 30 degree water. It’s why lions don’t over heat in the african plains.
    UV-ultraviloet is the most beneficial light for our health. It is not to be feared. The more UV you get the more protection you get from all cause mortality.
    Calculations show that for every 6 miles closer you move to the equator you increase your UV by 1% (obviously other factors are in here—mountains, albido effect. For every 100 feet elevation you go up, UV ges up linearly as welll.
    A study: UVB as protective against 16 types of cancer, mostly epithelial (surface) of the digestive and reproductive systems. Vitamin D actually is the controller of 3% of of our DNA genome. Almost every modern disease is tied to low vitamin d or poor creation of it. There is actually studies showing there is more risk avoiding the sun. Artififical lights–blue light (upcoming UDC epsidoe–has far more consequences.
    Lung cancer rates are highest the further from the equator you are and lowest nearer the equator. Same with MS. A lt of diseases are like this. Lung cancer has kept rising even though the amount of smokers has decreased due to indoor living, and lack of UV light.
    Archives of dermatology: concluded “No evidence to exists to support the notion that sunscreen prevents melanoma. .
    Dr. Ackerman, 1999 founded the largest center in the world for dermatopathology training said “there is no proof whatsoever that sun exposure causes melanoma.
    Melanoma has been observed to ccur where sunscreen is applied the most and the rates are highest with those who avoid the sun or live in urban (big city) areas.
    Thos who avoid the sun are usually living under an ALIEN SUN. Artiical blue light, which is a future episode of unkonw death causers, and I’ve done 2 webinars so far on it and many many videos and posts……Link and #bluelightwithyun
    1982 study in the Lancet found that working under fake lights doubled the risk of melanoma. And this was a time with no wifi or cell phones or cell towers….
    Dr Ackerman also showed more meanomas from those indoor workers vs. outdoor. . Also women on birth control get them more…. Ladies you should not be on birth control. Read the inserts and do your research and get off of them. They contually ruin your hormones which leads to all cancers and all cause of death.
    He also found the definition of melanoma has increasingly changed over the last 30-40 years. So instead of reaching epidemic proportions it would of only gone up insignifcantly.
    From 1935 to 2012 melanoma cases have gone up 23 fold. But that is also in that time we started living more time indoors under fake light and less time in the sun.
    1912-2012 USA workers have switched from ~75% outside to 75% indoor. And that number has gone up in the 11 years since…… Make the connection—- Melanoma up 24 x but vitamin d down to epidemic proportions…….. Raise your dopamine 😉 Sunrise and early UVA is the best way…….if you cannot see trends or be curious or ask questions about everything and anything you are a low dopamine human……..
    From 1970 to 2009 women’s risk have increased 24x and men 4.5 x.
    Women are more senstive to enviromental factors. Your cup ladies is basically full. 1 thing can set you off in the rong direction, meanwhile men can make the same mistake 3-4-5-6 times before we start paying and seeing the consequences. That is by design because you are supposed to give the mitochondria, and send the signals to the next generation of life— is this a happy safe place or a dangerous one??
    Dr. A also proved that in blacks and asians the melanomas occur mostly in places that are never exposed to the sun.
    But that doesn’t sell sunscreen.
    Queensland Australia has the highest rate of melanoma anywhere and they mandate the use of sunscreen and also on kids. And I beleive sunglasses as well. But always remember—mandates are not laws as you should of learned during the plandemic. Which is a documentary by Mikki willis that everyone should see. The powers that be have tried to censor it but the information in there is 100% factual.
    Sunscreens do protect against sunburn, but it is better to burn than put sunscreen on. Your body will tell you when you’ve had enough.
    And remember this also matters if you are wearing sunglasses, unkown death causers part 1 IWP 31 was sunglasses. Take them off.
    UV light into your eyes signals in histadine in your skin to convert to histamine and urocanic acid (both are natural UV filters or a natural sunscreen)
    Histamine then signals skin erythema response where your skin turns pinkish but doesn’t burn.
    Side track here. Anti-Histamines.
    We have 4 aromatic amino acids. Tryptophan, tyrosine, histadine and phenyalanine. I talk about these in my 34-Day Light Challenge.
    Most people have heard of histamine. As it is associated with allergies and allergy medication. BTW you never want to take an anti-histamine (more later)
    HistaMine comes from HistaDine. Histadine decaboxylase is the enzyme that converts it.
    Histamine is a biogenic amine that acts as a regulator. MOUNT UP for roles in neurotransmission, immune responses, gastric acid secretion, in the brain it acts as a neurotransmitter…BUT the biggie is in the skin when sun hits it (It acts as a natural sunscreen- taking anti-histamines will make you more sensitive to sun & burning)
    All aromatic amino acids have a benzene ring that traps photons of UV light that ‘slows down’ the light to work magic inside of us.
    When your environment is filled with electro-pollution histamine is released which can cause lots of different food allergies or sensitivities because it is also found in the stomach of the enterochomaffin system. This is because the calcium control mechanisms get destroyed from altered fake light & nnEMF. Sunlight is supposed to be the controller of histaDine/Mine
    Most histamine is found in mast cells, basophils, eosinophils found in barrier tissues & circulatory system. When these cells show up in swollen tissues with higher ubiquination marking (Marked for Death) it means your methionine cycle is off which means you get more itching and swelling which ultimately just means you are allowing too much fake blue light and electro-pollution in your life.
    The cure is to change your environment. If not things will get worse. And everything is connected. Everything. Needing coffee everyday to function or get your day started IS related to cancer & heart disease…if you don’t want to admit it thats fine…the oncologist is waiting for you.
    Do you know someone on Anti-Histamines? Are you yourself? What will you do with this new information on Histamine?
    Once you get that erythema response that means time to cover up, go inside, get under an umbrella, etc….. not slather on carcingogens or put sunglasses on……
    And then you must also build a solar callus……
    First of all you must have electrons in your cells, organs, brain. Nothing works without electrons. It is our energy currency. So when you are getting sun, feet go in the ground, grass, sand, water. Anywhere on our body can ground and get electrons from earth. Never sit on a beach with your feet up.
    So recap:
    All aromatic amino acids have benzene rings in them that absorb UV light radiation. When sunlight hits histidine, our skin makes urocanic acid that is a UV filter that protects us from erythema and skin damage. Urocanic acid which has a massive amounts of histidine in it.
    Seafood has a lot of histidine in it (Epi-Paleo Diet Webinar 1 and 2 in IWU Group–paid and free)
    Seafood also creates massive amounts of urocanic acid in the skin. S Urocanic acid and seafood can help regenerate many/ALL skin diseases with the help of DHA from seafood. Why? DHA from seafood controls the inflammatory mediators of photooxidation to control the pH of the local environment. DHA under the power of sunlight becomes maresins, resolvins, and protectins that control how protons can operate in the skin.
    It is why I eat 320-330 seafood meals a year. And I usually seperate my DHA meals with saturated fat meals because both are fats want to get into the brain and i don’t want them fighting to get in there.
    Urocanic acid comes in several isotopic and isomer forms. This is important in the story of protons.
    To understand how the two isomers of urocanic acid are linked to protons you need positive charges and the electromagnetic force. This is important because light is the force carrier for the electromagnetic force. It only deals with charged particles.
    Remember protons and electrons are the base level of the pyramid for health. Then sunlight and native EMF activate those Ps and E’s.
    Dr. Kruse:
    In mammals, the energy derived from the sun is stored coherently in cells, and ready for use, over all space-time domains. Sunlight is transformed by semiconductive proteins like melanin into electrical signals. Mitochondrial water production is critical in the blueprint. How cells transform solar energy is 100% based upon QFT/QED and not the classic biologic dogma all physicians and scientists learned in their training. These semiconductive proteins in our cells have side groups that have special molecular abilities. The primary and secondary protein structures are determined by the DNA code. This relationship maintains selection of proteins that are capapble of a specific type of semiconduction (hydrated wide band gapped) essentially dictates how cell water can or can not bind to the backbone of the protein to work. The instructions for this blueprint are built directly into the DNA and RNA code. No other energy is needed to maintain this organization (dissipative structure). This binding has huge implications on how biochemistry can or can not act within a cell. Tertiary and quaternary protein bending are required for final tissue level physiology.
    This protein bending links to how energy is telling space and time to bend in your cells. It requires accurate time stamping by using incoming solar energy to the organism via the eye and skin. This is where POMC becomes very important in mammals. Deciphering signals in light can happen at night time because light energy is stored in the cell’s protoplasm when the sun it not present. Melatonin is a great example of this. An inability to transform energy is why bent proteins seem to be found in cells that have poor optical control and show up in many neolithic diseases today. Today’s blog explains to you where cancer really comes from.
    Another side track before getting into solar callus
    2021:Destin Fl
    on the beach
    I had taken the leg extender off the beach chair and my daughter asked why
    I told her so my feet can be grounded in the sand.
    Not :05 after I said that the guy next to me dropped his feet in the sand
    Words have power
    Unfortunately, about a minute later the words out of this guys mouth was to his teenage daughter–‘did you put sunblock on?’ He asked her that and reminded her at least 4 times in. they reapplied that toxic garbage 3 times in 3hours.
    I made at least 36,000 IU of vitamin D. According to my D minder app raised my levels 3 points
    Unfortunately just putting on an SPF of 8 will block 95% of vitamin D. 30 SPF or more will block 98%+.
    Plus it will alter the spectrum. And of course their entire family had sunglasses on
    Even shoes are a Sun ‘Cosmetic’ that blocks the sun and power of nature. And power of grounding. I saw so many people running or walking on the beach with shoes
    Take your damn shoes off. They will make you sick.
    When in an office setting slide them off, wear socks, or go barefoot if allowed, but I would cover them to protect them from the blue light. Especially do this if you have dress shoes or high heels–just a 1″ heel will cause major problems. They say for every 1″ rise to be in the right alignment you need to be leaning forward 11 degrees
    Once you put the sunscreen or sunglasses on you alter the spectrum. ANything that alters spectrum is not good
    To be able to be out in the stronger sun you need to build a stronger solar callus- so sunrise, early AM and late PM and sunset sun is vital. As naked as can be and eyes for sure naked (no glasses, contacts, sunglasses)
    Frtiz Popp discovered that all humans and living things for that matter release extreme low frequency UV light (ELF UV) fro our cells. The sicker you are the more UV released. In order to heal you need to replace that light. In order to be healthy you need a steady stream of it coming in. Which is why if you are really sick where you live might not be a place that can reverse your disease–because it isn’t just about the sun– you have to mind your electro-pollution environment (Future unkonw death causers eisode). So if you do stupid things like talk with your phone on your head, wear Airpods, watch TV without blueblockers or long sleeves and pants…..then you may never reverse your disease no matter how much sun you get
    A person who holds their beliefs strongly will not be able to change them regardless if the facts point out that it is wrong. Beliefs can also be called dogma, a paradigm, conviction, etc…. Until you open your mind, challenge your beliefs, and believe that a better life IS possible for you then all you can expect is the same
    Your light environment is more important than your food or exercise
    So with the solar clallus again— sunrise, early UVA and can also be early UVB as you start working up with your sun callus, and can be later UVB, then UVA again once UVB goes away then sunset.
    Download the sun position demo app. will tell you when sun hits certain angles. Over 10 means UVA is out over 30 UVB and UVA out, under 10 no UV out.
    But solar callus is also NOT just the sun.
    Electrons needs in the system. Electron chain transport slows you get disease and lose energy, ECT stops you are dead.
    So grounding. Winter I shoot for at least an hour, summer I usually get 2-6 hours a day. Sleep will improve too.
    Eating seafood will help as well. Actually it is a must, because DHA heps you catch electrons (EPi Paleo webianrs………….) And asthanthin in seafood is natural sunscreen as well.
    Once you start building your solar callus your body will be able to get in the strongest UV and that will build more melanin (Tanning).
    Skin type Fitzpatrick 1 -6. Africans have 6. Northern european/americans are a 1.
    sunscreens block UV either by using a physical sun barrier like talc, titanium dioxide or zinc oxide or other chemicals that have methoxycinnamate, p-aminobenzoic acid, benzopheone, .
    Some checmicals absorb the sun burning UV frequencies but let others pass through… which alters the frequency….more here. you will change and make DNA alterations b/c full spetrum it was body expects…..
    DNA alterations are one step in cancer formation.
    Some DNA alterations will be directly and some indirectly.
    Some ingredients will cause alterations when illuminated. So in the sun under UV light. But as I’ve recently learned since becoming a mitochondriac there are people who simply put sunscreen on while indoors. I did a video on it because it was written by CNN the propaganda BS machine.
    Here is that video I made.
    Jack Kruse Skin 101 and melanin
    Skin plays a role as a biological active barrier to the external environment including sun exposure and the presence of cutaneous hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA) makes it an important peripheral neuroendocrine organ. The skin acts not only as a target for neuroendocrine signals but also a source of hormones and neurotransmitters, particularly the epidermis. As a result, biological responses for pigmentation formation do not necessarily share the same mechanism of action to environmental insults including different wavelengths of sun exposure. A single exposure of UVB can induce delayed pigment formation preceded by an erythema response. UVA (320–400 nm) can induce IPD (immediate pigment darkening) during the first minutes of exposure, which is transient form of pigmentation and fades away within few hours, or PPD (persistent pigment darkening) that appears within hours of higher doses of UVA exposure and persist up to several days or weeks. Both IPD and PPD, as well as erythema, has been shown to be induced in skin phototypes I and II by single UVA exposure and some studies in fair-skinned persons have also investigated the increase in pigmentation after multiple exposures of UVA. Traditionally skin pigmentation is believed as the most important photoprotective factor, since melanin, besides functioning as a broadband UV absorbent, has antioxidant and radical scavenging properties. However, UVB induced melanin provides coverage against subsequent UV damage via increased melanin production supplemented by the redistribution of melanin towards the upper layers of the skin, whereas UVA-induced tanning which is a result of photooxidation of existing melanin substrate provides very little coverage in the way of photoprotection. Neuropsin is the UVA skin/cornea photoillumination receptor. Although UVB and UVA portions of solar spectra are very well studied, there is a lack of published studies on the effect of visible light of pigment induction in the skin. Considering today’s blue-lit world
    When human skin is exposed to sunlight, ultraviolet (UV) radiation stimulates the production and release of a hormone, alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone, or α-MSH. This hormone is cleaved from POMC which is released by a FULL SPECTRUM sunlight stimulus traveling from the retina to the hypothalamus and pituitary via the central retinal pathways. Alpha-MSH is also secreted by keratinocytes, a specific type of skin cell, then binds to receptors on the surface of another type of cell, called a melanocyte. When α-MSH binds to the receptors, which are known as MC1R, it activates the melanocytes to produce the brown/black pigment melanin in a coupled circadian fashion. When UV light is removed and blue light is present melanogenesis has no coupled feedback control loop. This darkens the tissues with no natural braking mechanism. When this step is blocked heteroplasmy rates in skin cells mitochondria are altered. This is why skin cancer rates are rising in our blue-lit world. Not only are we irradiating our tissues with man-made blue light but we are subtracting the sun’s UV and Ir frequencies. This sets up the perfect storm on the skin. The narrative that sunlight causes cancer in all cases is very suspect because of these findings with how MSH works within the skin with chronic blue light exposure. It would appear a lack of sunlight might be as big a trigger to cancer cases if this step is inhibited in many ways.
    Humans vary >100-fold in their sensitivity to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. The main determinants of sensitivity are melanin pigmentation and less-well-characterized differences in skin inflammation and repair processes.
    Talk about blue light and heteroplasmy here…..
    Melanin is also believed to play a role in scavenging free radicals, which can injure skin cells, and in facilitating UV induced apoptosis (programmed cell death), which removes damaged cells. If this step is blocked damage cells cannot be removed and it makes it more likely skin cancer can manifest.
    Sunscreens will also increase free radicals and ROS/RNS.
    Both are used in our body for cell signalling, but too little or too much or the wrong types then that causes the domino breakdown….inflammation>
    Anybody that tells you free radicals is bad stuff needs to be avoided. Just like people who smash on cortisol, cholesterol, the sun……… all of these things are naturally occuring things. Nature doesn’t make mistakes. Man does. But do they really?
    Because who wants you to wear sunscreen, sunglasses? Corporations know the benefits ofthe sun and grounding. ANd once you get sick from wearing them, whether that is 10 years or 5 to 8 decades one of their partners in crime —big pharma, docs, surgeons, osteoporsis docs—canes, joint replacements, walkers, wheel chairs, endorcrinolgists, cancer docs, and on and on are simply waiting in the wing for you because they know it is only a matter of time.
    If it’s a billion dollar industry or more then there is some turth they are keeping from you.
    And if they are telling you to avoid something that is natural, like the sun, or block it then there is also some truth they are keeping from you. Is the sun dangerous?
    Yes, if you just go outside in the strongest sun without a solar callus, spending all winter indoors then going on a weeklong beach trip.
    Modern life is modern and it is not normal. It is not how we evolved.
    PHOTO-PROTECTION OF OUR SKIN THE LARGEST ORGAN EVOLVED OVER millions OF YEARS withe theinternal conversion procceses of DNA, proteins and especially melanin. It helps to convert the vast majority of UV photon into heat and this to prevent indirect and direct damage to DNA.
    Melanin is our most photoprotetive substance in our body. and it converts 99.9% of UVR into dissapated heat….
    sunscreens claim it to be an artificial melani, but they are artificial and artificial never is better then mother nature. They have a much longer excited state of our atoms and molecules compared to melanin and DNA which has a turnover of 10-15 femoseconds….
    So while in this state sunscreen wearers are much more open to increased free radicals and ROS/RNS leading to cellular chaos. (EP 2)
    That is 1 reason why there is more melanoma in sunscreen users vs not..
    Sunscreen does prevent sunburn……which is why people tend to stay out in the sun longer when they have it on, they feel they are protected. But they are not simply causing more damage.
    When sunscreen is at the skin and even after it absorbs into the skin it will filter the UV rays which stops direct DNA damage….. i dont want to say ‘damage’ in the terms of the way most people refer to it because it is those UV frequenies along with all the other that our DNA has eveolved to, not the partial frequencies that the sunscreen allows in.
    Remember melainin and DNA have very short excited states (a few femtoseconds), but theses sunscreen altered ones have 1000-1 million times the length of excited states….obviously this is highly unstable. Cell signalling is the ultimate responsibility of our cells. So normal signalling gets turned upside down causing domino effect to everything that comes in contact with it and with the human body and our blood and blood cells and circulaotry system eventually everything touches each other.
    This is causing indirect DNA damage, and unfortunately indirect DNA damage does not result in any signal or pain marker or warning sign for the human.
    92% of all melanomas are caused by indirect DNA damage. Only basal and squamous cell skin tumors make up malignignant melanomas, and only 6% of all melanomas are malignigantn. The rest are not even considered as ‘cancer’ in the national cancer insititue’s seer database. A fact they never telll anyone……..Information is a weapon and that fact alone is a an act of terrorism against us.
    basal and squamous carcinomas are those other 94% And most likely show up in places where the skin is exposed. Whereas the other malignant melanoma versions show up in mostly places where sun doesnt shine
    Benzophenone (oxybenzone, benzophene-3) most chemical sunscreens contain about 2-5% of their active ingredient in them.
    benzophenone 1 of most powerful free radical generators > industrial procsesses use it to initiate chemical reactions and cross-linking.. It is activated by UV light. The UV breaks its double bonds and produce 2 free radical sites who go on to desperately look for a hydrogen atom that ,ay come from the sunscreen but may also come from something natural occuring in us….and since this occuring near the skin, our largest organ, it has effects all the way through the body.
    Apparently the sunscreen doesn’t penetrate intot he skin immediately. It is a matter of time of application and the amount of sun exposure. So the more sun exposure you get the more those chemicals will enter causing super negative effects. Remember most sunscreen users think that putting sunscreen on protects them so they are more likely to stay out longer. And many reapply over and over again.
    My wife tthis spring told me when she was helping the PTO out with their flower sale the ladies there were basically putting it on every 1/2 hour. And all had sunglasses on.
    the US centers for disease control & prevention have found oxybenzone in nearly everyone tested in urine…..
    Oxybenzone will be used in the higher SPFs due to its function to filter UV, changing it from light to heat but there is no research on what happens when its absorbed in but if the same thing that happens on the surface happens underneath which is likely it will affect cellular comunication which will affect cell health and eventually lead to disease if not corrected.
    PABA- Para-amino-benzoic Acid. Works much same as oxybenzone. This was first true sunscreen to hit mass markets in 70’s… it is not used much anymore due to allergic reactions. There is a ban on it in many countries now. They now use a different version of PABA- Padimate O in combo with other carcingogens to increase a sunscreens SPF protection. Of course it is approved by the FDA, is simply a go to company if you want your ingredient or drug approved, you just need the right amount of money.
    Harvard med school called this a extremely efficient carcinogen. It is another Uv activated free radica generator……
    Most checmical sunscreens are designed to block UVB, which makes vitamin D…wonder why there is an epidemic of low vitamin D>
    SPF- sun protection factor means the amount of time it takes someone in UVB sun with sunscreen on versus a person without it on to produce an erythema whichi is redness…..So if it takes normal person with no sunscreen 10 minutes and the sunscreened person 80 minutes, that gets an SPF of 8.
    An SPF of just 8 can block up to 95% of vitamin D protection.
    Always remember that we have built in sun protection in us—melanin, POMC, histadine, urocanic acid, you should be eating seafood and shellfish that have the DHA and the astaxanthin. DHA is most important food to consume. My DHA webinar (Nutrition course— IWF.com/circadiannutritioncourse or DHA ala carte IWF>com/dha???? ) But most sunscreens interfere, block, break down our natural protection factors.
    And if you are doing what most people are doing then those factors will be even more broken down
    • Eating a diet high in seed oils (Webinar in group)
    • eating highly processed diet
    • Living indoor life under indoor lighting (listen to these stats here:
    5-methoxypsoralen was one of those ingredients that caused permanenet cell damage and sunscreens with it are now banned.
    The EWG report found almost all sunscreens contain chemicals that breakdown in precense of sunlight and this is how they block UVB light……
    The EWG also found most start deteriorating as quickly as 15 minutes. Most state on the bottle that they provide all day protection. Which is the perfect marketing message for the sun fearing imbecible.
    Remember most people who put suncreen on think they are protected so tend to stay out longer….soaking up an altered spectrum and soaking in known carcinogenic chemicals into their bloodstream.
    When you block UVB light you also are hurting the skin’s ability to make melanin which increases risk of melanoma.
    And if wearing sunglasses even worse. Eyes are the most important sensor for sunlight, they comunicate the UV power of the sun to the skin and all other organs to deliver that information and energy. Don’t block it. Sunglasses podcast was episode 31.
    Sunburns do not correlate to skin cancer. What it should tell you is that you do not have a proper solar callus built up. My stories with building one and when I get burned.
    3 biggest issues:
    • powerful free radical generators
    • Increase estrogenic properties which interferes with normal sexual development.
    • Synthetic Chemicals that block UV light.
    • Carcinogenic chemicals never studied together.
    • Sunscreen is a cosmetic. Cosmetics are multi-billion dollar indsutry. Sunscreen by itself is. So just like big tech, big food, big pharma they will attempt to put out their own information, own study funded research, people who speak out against them will be silenced, or labeled crazy, conspiracy theorist, etc….. they will pay off doctors, dematologusts, scientists, researchers,……etc…… Science is for sale, Everything is.
      • The book Going somewhere by Andrew Marino.
    From Michelle Jones
    From Mrs. Jones
    Long but loaded with tons of great info.
    A brainwashed dermatologist regurgitating what she spent so long at university learning. She is absolutely 100% wrong. If you follow her advice your skin will get thin, pale, pasty and wrinkly because sunlight stimulates collagen formation, melanin formation that protects the skin from being damaged. Following this advice lowers your vitamin D and your cellular mitochondrial function because most energy is made from sunlight = food craving & chronic diseases. Let me show you why…
    Ultra violet sunlight that reaches the earth is 280nm – 400nm light that is not visible to the human eye but humans do have non visual photoreceptors that absorb this light for cellular signalling via Nitric Oxide and to create Vitamin D and hormones and neurotransmitters. UV sunlight is critical for mitochondrial physiology. UV sunlight has a high kinetic energy and when it shines on water it increases the charge of the water. UV sunlight increases venous oxygen by demagnetising blood to allow it to release oxygen to mitochondria.
    UVA = Ultra violet A 315-400nm appears before UVB in early morning sunlight and varies throughout the day and stimulates Nitric Oxide.
    UVB = Ultra violet B 280-315nm varies throughout the day and depends on latitude and altitude. UVB is absorbed by cholesterol in the skin to make vitamin D. UVB also stimulates Nitric Oxide release from arterioles = lowers blood pressure.
    UVC= Ultra violet C 100 – 280nm does not reach the earth from the sun but is made in the blood plasma from the chiral heat effect of UVB sunlight on hydrogen bonds in water molecules in the blood plasma. This keeps Deuterium in blood plasma at 150ppm.
    Infra Red Light = IRA – 42% of the sunlight that reaches earth is IRA. Sunlight is unpolarised and has no flicker. IRA is constant from sunrise to sunset and penetrates 30cm into the human body. IRA is absorbed by the earth and radiates back 24 hours a day. IRA is absorbed by water to build the EZ because moves protium and concentrates deuterium in human tissue. Mitochondria also produce IRA light that builds the EZ in DDW for mitochondrial and intracellular use. IRB penetrates 10cm.
    Fluorophore = Proteins, peptides or organic compounds made from aromatic amino acids that absorbs high energy short wave UV light and releases it at a lower energy and longer wavelength. NADH/NAD+ are fluorophore proteins at cytochrome I that absorb best at 340nm. Other fluorophore proteins are melanin and eumelanin in the skin; dopamine and melatonin in the brain; NAD+/NADH at cytochrome I; albumin in the blood.
    Melanin = Bioenergetic pigmented photosynthetic fluorophore protein made from tyrosine that transforms light energy to chemical energy by splitting the liquid water molecule to make molecular hydrogen gas and oxygen gas for use by mitochondria and the nucleus. Melanin uses the photoelectric effect to make cellular energy. Melanin is located in your skin, eyes (RPE) , hair and on the cell nucleus and this is where the nucleus gets energy (not mitochondria). The nucleus has no ATP or mitochondria. Human brains have more melanin than any other mammal. Melanin is mammal chlorophyll only far more efficient. ATP depends on the energy from melanin because melanin absorbs all of the electromagnetic spectrum from radio waves to gamma rays and chlorophyl only absorb visible light blue and red. Melanin transforms liquid water into oxygen (independent of breathing) and molecular hydrogen that is a pure energy source and antioxidant in a reversible reaction (unlike chlorophyl) so it can transform that gas back into liquid water and for every two molecules of water that is reformed 4 high energy electrons are generated for watery battery creation and optical signalling. Hydrogen gas can travel through all parts of the cell by diffusion to deliver H2 to the organelles in symmetric form in all directions. Melanin is down regulated when sunlight is absent leading to paler skin and eyes. Without melanin UVC light can not be made in the blood plasma to separate protium and deuterium and keep D in the blood plasma.
    Melanopsin = A blue light 435-480nm detecting non visual photopigment protein found in the retina, skin, subcutaneous fat (SQ) fat and arterioles of humans that regulates non visual functions of light such as the synchronisation of the sleep-wake cycle, relays photoelectric and magnetic signals to the pineal gland and allows the puplillary reflex to work in dim light. Sleep cycles regulate D clearance from the CSF and blood plasma. Melanopsin works directly with the SCN in the brain to create the circadian rhythms based on the blue light intensity of daily and seasonal sunlight. Melanopsin works using calcium resonance. Melanopsin and retinol forms complexes with DHA in cell membranes to control the circadian mechanism in every cell by linking to the clock genes. Melanopsin detects the first light of day and is sensitive to 5 photons; this turns on cortisol and turns off melatonin. Melanopsin mediates light dependent relaxation of blood vessels to allow blood to be irradiated by sunlight. Melanopsin is bound to Vitamin A (retinal) by a loose covalent bond and when blue light dissociates the bond retinal is freed. Melanopsin disfunction lowers melatonin and dopamine. Melanopsin disfunction destroys photoreceptors including the mitochondrial cytochromes.
    Neuropsin = Non visual photoreceptor in the eye and skin that detects UVA sunlight.
    Nitric oxide is a vasodialator released in response to UVA sunlight on eyes and skin. It brings RBC to the skin arterioles to be irradiated by sunlight. NO is produced in cells in response to solar EMFs that stimulate VGCC on cell membranes to release calcium inside the cell to produce NO. NO inhibits ETC and maintains autophagy and apoptosis to prevent oncogenesis. NO is a critical signalling molecule in blood and mitochondria made by UVA sunlight. Non native EMFs detected by VGCC result in excessive release of calcium and the creation of the hydroxyl free radical instead of NO.
    A photon is a quanta (single particle) of electromagnetic radiation and is the force carrier of the electromagnetic force and has no mass. Photons interact with matter via electrons to transmit information and provide the energy to move electrons. All parts of the spectrum of light that falls to the earth (250-780nm) interact with matter differently. Photons carry information to the body via spin characteristics. Light alters the charge on electrons and protons to change the arrangement and function of biomolecules. Electrons are excited to higher energy level by photons and release these in biological processes. Red light photons move light hydrogen atoms (protons not deuterons) by resonance.
    Photoelectric effect = Is the emission of electrons when light shines on a material. Happens on the skin and retina of humans when electrons are excited by photons. Requires electron rich DHA in cell membranes. The photoelectric effect splits electrons from water to liberate oxygen and electrons in melanin.
    Photoreceptors = Molecules that absorb and release light eg. melanopsin, neuropsin, rhodopsin, melanin, dopamine, serotonin, leptin, catalase, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, UCP, heme proteins including RBC & mitochondrial cytochromes I-V. The Retinal pigmented epithelium (RPE) in the eye regenerates photoreceptors using dopamine and melatonin made in the eye by UV light on aromatic amino acids. UVA and IRA sunlight regenerate all photoreceptors. Cones regenerate at night time during darkness. Rods regenerate in daytime.
    POMC = Proopiomelanocortin is a neurotransmitter made by UV sunlight interacting with aromatic amino acids in skin that affects mood and behaviour via SCN and the production of hormones, ACTH, CLIP, Lipotropin, Beta-Endorphins, Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH). Lack of POMC results in depression and addiction.
    Red blood cells are heme containing photoreceptors that absorb and emit light and oxygen. Violet sunlight stimulates RBC synthesis in humans. RBC have no mitochondria and only use glycolysis. Heme in RBC can be destroyed by excessive artificial blue light via melanopsin/retinal disfunction. RBC need DHA in cell membranes and Vitamin C to conduct sunlight to mitochondria. Iron porphyrins in RBC absorb 250-600nm and the water surrounding them absorbs all the way to 3100nm to create the EZ in blood plasma.
    Redox Potential /REDOX = Reduction/Oxidation Potential is a measure of the tendency of a chemical species to acquire or lose electrons through ionization. Reduction is the addition of electrons making substance more hydrophillic (wants to bind water). Oxidation is the removal of electrons making the substance more hydrophobic (repels water). REDOX is a measure of the net negative charge in the cell. In the mitochondrial a “higher REDOX” is beneficial where there are more electrons than protons and a higher kinetic energy is stored in proteins and EZ water to run cellar regeneration programs. REDOX is a function of the speed of electrons through the ETC and the distance between the respiratory proteins controlled by UCP. A low REDOX occurs when H+ predominates and there are fewer electrons. REDOX is built by IR/UV sunlight. At high latitudes away in winter REDOX can be augmented in the absence of UV sunlight by cold exposure combined with a ketogenic diet, fasting and but still requires exposure to daily sunlight that has 42% IR year round. Skin = The skin is the largest organ of the body and is a neuroendrocrine solar panel that connects the solar signals detected on the skin to the master clock SCN. Hairs on skin are EMF antenna that connect to melanopsin/retinol in the dermis and arterioles. Skin contains the most melanopsin making it very sensitive to blue light toxicity. Derived from neuroectoderm in the embryo it connects the skin and brain cells. Skin cells and gut cells are epithethelial cells and skin cells control the gut cell clocks. Blue light damages skin cells to uncouple circadian rhythms. UV sunlight on keratinocyte stimulates the release of deuterium from those cells to the blood plasma.
    Sulfation = Catalysed by UV and IR sunlight on the skin that creates melatonin. Melatonin sulphates cholesterol, heparin, platelets, DHEA and Vitamin D3. Lack of AM sunlight and ALAN prevents sulfation and the proper function of all of these molecules.
    T cell = Immune cell made in the thymus and activated by blue light and turned off by red. Blue light in sunlight always has 42 % red present. Artificial light has a lot of blue and no red and causes uncontrolled T cell activation (autoimmunity). T cells require adequate levels of vitamin D. T cells stored mostly in skin where sunlight programs their function.
    Thyroid hormones = Made from the aromatic amino acid tyrosine after programming by UV sunlight. Depends on adequate levels of melatonin. Lack of AM sun on eyes and skin and ALAN turns off melatonin and ruins thyroid hormones. Vitamin A
    Includes retinol and its metabolites retinal and retinoic acid. Vitamin A is a photoreceptor that is bound to all opsins. When it becomes unbound it spontaneously emits all the light it absorbs and this damages all photoreceptors it interacts with. Retinal normally bound to melanopsin by a loose covalent bond. Chronic blue light exposure on eyes and skin uncouples melanopsin and retinal when it is freed from melanopsin retinal destroys all photoreceptors in the body. Bone osteoclasts, osteoblasts depend on vitamin A. Retinoic acid regulates gene transcription especially in the immune system. Vitamin D and A control each others toxicity via circadian mechanisms. Vitamin A levels are important for epithelial cell integrity especially brush border of the gut and skin. Vitamin A is necessary for sperm cell production and female menstrual cycles.
    Vitamin B, folate, B12
    B vitamins are photoreceptors made from UV light and damaged by free retinal from melanopsin/retinal disfunction. B vitamins are strongly fluorescent under UV light. They release light in the TCA. B12 is essential in 2 metabolic cycles in the nervous system – DNA expression and homocysteine/methionine/heavy metal clearance. B12 affects DNA expression by donating its methyl groups (3 x H+) for DNA methylation to turn off gene expression affecting epigenetics and foetal development. B12 absorbs visible light and re-emits it in methylation when it donates its methyl groups. This provides light information to DNA expression. B12 also essential for myelination (neural tube defects or MS).
    Vitamin D = Is not a vitamin but rather a hormone made in the skin cells using sulphated cholesterol, DDW and UVB sunlight. Cholesterol is sulphated by AM UVA sunlight and melatonin so if sulphated cholesterol is not available Vitamin D3 can not be made. Vitamin D interacts with vitamin D receptors on cell membranes (VDR). Dietary vitamin D and synthetic vitamin D are not able to initiate the diverse and essential functions of vitamin D made in the skin by sunlight. Essential function in adaptive and innate immune system. Programs T and B cells for proper immune response. Influences the expression and synthesis of inflammatory cytokines and photoproducts that protect the skin microbiome and skin cells from developing cancer. Also protects gut cells and gut microbiome. Activates 3-6% of the human genome. Essential for bone health, placental health, lactation, regulates cell growth especially in breast, colon, skin, brain, ovary and prostate. The Vitamin D receptor (VDR) depends on the presence of DHA in cell membranes.
    Vitamin E = A group of 8 fat soluble compounds that act as antioxidant to donate electrons to quench ROS/RNS. Alpha tocopherol is a quinone with benzene rings that is a photon trap for UVA and IRA AM sunlight. Important antioxidant in eyes but requires activation by sunlight. Alpha-tocopheral is recycled by ascorbic acid.
    Another story from Mike david another mitochondriac
    story about Nother Natures Sun vs. Alien Suns. From Mike David
    I worked with a man today, on the docks. He was 52 and telling me how bad the sun was. He showed me scars from where they removed skin deformations from supposedly sunlight.
    I said what did you do to show me those scars? You had to pick your shirt up and roll up your sleeves.
    I said, do you go shirtless outside often? He said no.
    I said, do you go shirtless inside? He said yes.
    Isn’t it interesting that he didn’t have skin removed from his face or forearms or leg bottoms. He had to move the clothing that was blocking the sun, to show me.
    The skin is one entire organ. When you operate at a energy deficit long enough, the organ system will show signs of wear and tear. Autophagy is impaired and aging mitochondria do not do well without autophagy. When your old, apoptosis will kill you. When there is a lack of stem cell supply.
    The specific place that the skin organ gets defective is not a direct correspondence to a infliction in that one spot of skin over the others. It is a sign that you lack energy independence and rely too much on systems technology to recover the loss.
    If the energy independence is restored to the entire skin organ, the entire surface area will be beautiful and resilient and repair defects quickly.
    The skin is a dynamic layered structure coated in dead cells and bacteria. There is a dynamic interaction occurring between the skin organ and the outside world. These two worlds collide at a whopping 16-22 square feet of surface area. That’s a lot to f surface area when your individual parts are the size of bacteria and slightly bigger. Basically a ton of interaction from the real you to the outside world. The boundary begins to be erased.
    This dynamic interaction with the outside world has many benefits but must be experienced to be realized. There is no alternative to exposing yourself to your intended reality. This is how to build energy independence.
    It’s like we have a built in activating mechanism that turns harmful energy from the outside world into nourishment. Like the old use it or lose it saying. Exercise stimulates growth and autophagy and helps a lot. Exposing the skin to the natural world is also an exercise that has its own downstream after effects.
    It is a misconception that using this skin/nature system, more often, will cause skin lesions and terrible atrocities. But in reality it is the lack of use of this powerful skin system that causes its atrophy. It’s not the suns fault. It’s about using it or slowly losing it.
    Since Melanin splits the water molecule and your 99% water by molecular count, the using it skin system provides all that nature intends. It’s not just 20 minutes of some particular frequency of light that’s going to save your ass. It’s the whole enchilada that’s saving asses. The heating and cooling. The bacteria. The healing of wounds. The reformation of plastic bone structure. Actively interacting with your bones upside world gives us so much more than just light.
    Sound is different.
    You feel a higher stimulation of awareness as well. You listen very intently to your surroundings. You try to grasp as much knowledge from the slightest bit of information. Your senses are heightened. You exist in the complete present. You exit the known world.
    The known world is mostly irrelevant boring bullshit. Disrupted and short lived interactions that do not contain much thought. Going from one shit show to another.
    When you keep up with the Jones’ you fall behind nature. Which race are you running?
    Sunscreen not a good idea. Much like sunglasses.
    >>>End transcript



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