• Should you stop working out? (Leptin Again) [New Albany, OH Circadian Health]

    Should you stop working out? (Leptin Again) [New Albany, OH Circadian Health]


    Should you be working out? 


    Workouts are not a weight loss tool. Or a fat loss tool. 


    I used to believe they were. I told my clients this and believed it myself. Sorry for lying to you. But I did so based on the information I had at the time and the people who taught me at the time. 


    Working out more and while dieting or constricting calories (under ~2000/2500 for adult women/men in most cases) will simply cause your body to think that every single day there are lions and tigers and bears lurking around every corner trying to eat you. 


    You have to fuel your life. 


    And if workouts are going to be included in that then you need even more fuel. 


    Working out is a stress to the body


    Working out under blue lights and wifi is even more of a stress due to the destruction of DHA, melatonin, and oxygen, among many other things


    The advice to workout more and longer when already leptin resistant can possibly add adrenal fatique or an autoimmune disease. 


    Your body can adapt to working out in a leptin resistant state or a hormonal imbalance state and this is when exercise becomes really bad for you. 

    This is what happened to me and cortisol issues. Especially since I was doing it before the sun rose most days.

    When your body is already in a stressed state and that stress is chronic we don’t want to add more stress to the system. That breaks more mitochondria. 


    It is like your house is on fire and instead of calling the fire department you throw more gasoline on the fire. 

    I am going to say something that sounds counter to everything we’ve been told:


    Or more specifically


    Blue light workouts jason yun circadian rhythm coach

    And even more specifcially: if you are leptin resistant (i.e. 25 pounds or more overweight, no energy, poor sleep)

    If you are leptin resistant your workouts would be walking 3-4 x a day at sunrise, when UVA comes out (10 degrees and above to 30.2 degrees), Sometime when UVB is out (sun over 30 degrees) and again when UVB leaves for the day or at sunset. 


    And of course grounding is ‘exercise’. An hour or more a day. the more the bettter because to reverse leptin resistance we need to put the electrons back in YOU. 


    Then in about 4-8 weeks when you do get back to leptin sensitive you can start working out again using weight training and HIIT(high intensity interval training) techniques, but of course still getting the walks in and grounding. 


    I would completely get rid of any cardio. Cardio would be HIIT training. Have you read my cardio makes you fat blog post?


    Workouts should never exceed an hour. 30-45 minutes is all you need if doing it right and not dilly dallying around. 


    The gym is a toxic place due to the blue lights above and the nnEMF. 


    You start to build your home gym and start to do some of your workouts outside and grounded. At home you are able to control your lighting or change it (my home gym uses Koze lights (code is IMPROVEMENTWARRIOR), and you can turn the wifi off or switch to ethernet. The latter would be best for long-term health and anyone else living in the house, especially children. 


    Understand if you are currently overweight (Leptin resistant) the gym was one of the reasons you got to your situation. It was for me and is and will be for millions more until they raise their dopamine high enough to say ‘hey, this ain’t working, what do I actually need to do to fix my problem(s)’.


    When I first started with Dr. Kruse I posted on his forum and a picture of my gym at the time. He said it was basically ‘hell’. 

    Which led me to changing my studio completely and really starting to look at my light envioronment to fix my hormones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jGRORPJyxc

    I no longer think everybody should workout.

    There is a level the human must achieve in order to.

    Leptin sensitvity is a must before that happens. You can watch my first two Leptin webinars for f r e e in my private facebook health group HERE 


    If you are READY the next step with me is to set up a Discovery call to find out where you are now and where you want to go. Schedule here

    When you are ready. And ONLY when you are ready, because it just doesn’t work until that time.




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