• Interview Paul Hutchinson on Sound of Freedom & The Dark World Of Child Sex Trafficking | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 41

    Interview Paul Hutchinson on Sound of Freedom & The Dark World Of Child Sex Trafficking | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 41

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    This podcast is an interview from the Chris Williamson of the Modern Wisdom Podcast. In it he interviews Paul Hutchinson about the making of the film Sound Of Freedom and the evilness that is child sex trafficking. Originally I was going to wait to see the movie until it came to places like Amazon or Netflix but I saw someone post that those platforms were not going to be showing the movie…which is a big problem. I did see the film and it is powerful. But very heavy. I broke down two times in it. There is nothing overally graphic in it but the subject matter is all you need.

    Please share the episode with everybody you know especially parents.

    No copyright infringement is intended. This information needs to become mainstream instead of the propaganda BS out there today.

    In the intro I shared a quote from Paul’s interview in that 70% of all children who are trafficked sleep in their own bed. So hug and love your children is the best way we can keep ours away from this evilness. But along the way teach them that their is evilness out there, and to always be aware.

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    Highlights for Episode #41: Interview Paul Hutchinson on Sound of Freedom & The Dark World Of Child Sex Trafficking

    • Paul’s Background
    • How Big is the Issue of Child Trafficking?
    • The Biggest Consumers of Child Trafficking
    • Why Paul Was Perfectly Equipped to Be an Operative 
    • The Chilling Story of Paul’s First Operation
    • What It’s Like for Armed Forces to Storm the Operation
    • Living the Life of an Underground Operative
    • The Most Dangerous Situations Paul has Faced
    • The Significant Weight of Being an Operative on Life
    • Why The Sound of Freedom Has Attracted Controversy 
    • Meeting Terrifying People with Terrifying Wealth
    • The Current State of Global Child Sex Trafficking
    • How Individuals Can Help

    Resources Mentioned in the podcast

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    LISTEN To Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode #41:

    Interview Paul Hutchinson on Sound of Freedom & The Dark World Of Child Sex Trafficking

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    Interview Paul Hutchinson on Sound of Freedom & The Dark World Of Child Sex Trafficking

    Release date 11/9/23 | 1:13:09



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