• Simple Wellness Tips to Help Seniors Thrive and Live Their Best Life Yet?

    Hilliard, OH nutritionist and fitness specialist jason yunHilliard, OH nutritionist and fitness specialist jason yun


    Are you looking forward to getting better with age? Having the right wellness habits can definitely make that happen. Taking control of your health and emotions is fundamental if you want to feel more content with your life. Here’s how to make it happen.


    Upgrade Your Home With Tech and Features to Age in Place

    Your home should be at the center of your health and wellness efforts. For seniors, this means making changes that will make it a better location for you to age in place safely. This is the most crucial element to consider when considering aging-in-place upgrades to your home, but you can also think about accessibility and convenience. So, features that prevent falls, like a seated shower, should be taken care of first, and then considerations should be made for any renovations that will make your life easier or more comfortable.


    It’s also prudent to look into the many ways technology can keep you safe in your home. Seniors with mobility issues, or who are concerned about falls, should look into medical alert tools, which can call emergency services when you are unable to reach a phone. More information about the top medical alert systems can be found through websites such as Consumers Advocate. Aging in place with peace of mind has also been made easier by advances in home automation. Seniors can choose to receive medication reminders, coordinate their healthcare, or even control aspects of their home using home automation devices.


    Enhance Your Physical Health With Better Daily Habits

    Longevity is often a major concern for older adults, and making better lifestyle choices is an effective method for adding quality and quantity to your life. Start by cleaning up your diet and working toward a balanced daily meal plan that includes plenty of fresh vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats. Also, try sticking to food habits that have been connected to longevity, such as eliminating more meat from your diet or getting Omega-3s from servings of fish.


    Controlling your diet is a good first step in controlling your brain and body health, but you also need regular workouts to keep your mind and body fit. Getting out for a morning walk or taking a yoga class can increase your energy levels, balance out your mood, and even make you feel years younger. If you have chronic pain, resistance training exercises can also help you manage it. So, any way you look at it, regular exercise is really important if you want to improve your quality of life and maintain more control in the coming years.


    Another crucial aspect of senior vitality and independence is getting enough sleep at night. The impacts of sleep loss on your health can be serious, so make any changes you need to get seven to eight hours of sleep each and every evening.


    Boost Your Brain Health With Hobbies, Friends, and Fun  

    Memory and cognitive function can give you back more control over your life, so incorporate practices that give you a mental boost. Getting into a hobby, like gardening, creating crafts or playing an instrument, gives you more tools for preventing feelings of boredom, but other hobbies, like volunteering for your favorite causes, can connect you with other people. These kinds of positive social bonds provide much-needed mental health support for older adults, while also setting up a community safety net that can come in handy during times of need.


    If you prefer to connect with family members and friends, you can also get the same mental health benefits while also boosting your brain. Playing your favorite games with the people you love is actually an effective way to enhance cognitive processes and improve your ability to retain memories. So, sit down for a challenging game of checkers or break out the playing cards for some Go Fish the next time you want a fun activity to do with loved ones.


    Don’t let getting older dim your zeal for life! Take more control of mental health, take steps to preserve your body, and make the most out of the wonderful years you have ahead of you!

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