• Planning Out Treat Meals- New Albany, Ohio Nutrition Plans

    Planning Out Treat Meals- New Albany, Ohio Nutrition Plans

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    Planning out treat meals by Jason Yun

    Next week is halloween. They say the average american gains between 11-13 pounds or so from Halloween to New Year’s.

    Wanted to share with you a major tip that can save you and even reverse the trend. You got to finish the year strong to start 2019 strong. It’s not finish 2018 like crap and expect to start strong. Consistency builds the habits and mindset to help you drive forward.

    Let’s talk treat meals again. And in particular planning out treat meals.

    Also if you were not able to attend the Fasting, Intermittent Fasting and detoxing seminar I’ll be making it into a webinar here soon. Stay tuned. The Fasting Challenge is here.

    Treat meals and days can be healthy?

    Above was just some of my treat meal from this past Sunday from my wife’s birthday brunch. I know exactly which days I’m going to be having my treats. Planning out treat meals. The man with a plan will get there.

    BTW the reason I call them treat meals or days rather then most people who call them cheat meals is here. Drop the cheating.

    Truth Bomb 1: Now I realize some people cannot have any treats based on certain conditions or health consequences that have been brought up over a lifetime of unhealthy living. You have to understand with every treat meal you are feeding a future health issue. There are things you can do to minimize the effects, unfortunately the vast majority (90%+) will not.

    Starting a new Nutrition plan!

    The last thing someone wants to hear when starting a new nutrition plan (NOT DIET) is that you can never, ever EAT _______ ever again (fill in the blank with your fave treat food).

    That’s how some nutritionist and nutrition plans go. However, that kind of puts a person in a pickle. Saying you can’t have something makes a lot of people want it even more.

    This is where planning out treat meals out in advance can come in handy.

    improvement warrior fitness cheat meals and hilliard dietician

    Now i used to just have the rule of 90% in the past, which states just follow your nutrition plan 90% of the time and you’ll get your goals in no time. Unfortunately this rule was back when I followed and recommended eating 5 plus meals a day (not a good thing for LEPTIN and, as you’ll learn in the fasting/IF webinar…coming soon). I still recommend the rule of 90% to people who are just starting to switch their nutrition around. Timeframe is supposed to be one week. But having a treat meal once a week is a great start for someone who’s having one every day or every other day. However, as the person progresses and goals get reached and re-set for higher achievement then once a week is going to have to be pushed back a little.

    That is when planning out your treats can come in handy.

    Planning out treat meals

    With the holidays coming there is going to be food, parties, potlucks, candy, cookies, office bagels and donuts, events, birthdays, weddings, end of the year celebrations, etc……

    It can really get overwhelming. Which can cause a lot of stress; and controlling stress is one of my 6 Pillars of Health (Which is now 13 Pillars -Watch the webinar here). Stress is one thing that will affect all others of the Pillars. It’s also has a big effect on what you eat….emotional eating, cravings for sugar/carbs/sweet/salty foods.

    Plan it out [Planning out treat meals]

    Sit down and plan it out. I like to physically write it out, pen and paper…actually mechanical pencil and paper.

    Here’s my plan for the treat meals for the rest of the year:

    • Sunday 10.21.18 (Wife’s birthday brunch- DONE-see below)
    • Saturday 10.27.18 (10th Annual Charity Pumpkin Workout- EVENT-see plan around events- and come to the pumpkin workout, or donate here if you can’t make it)
    • Wednesday 10.31.18 (Halloween)
    • Thursday 11.22.18 (Father-in-law’s Thanksgiving- Also Opening of CREED 2 11.21)
    • Sunday 12.23.18 (Mother-in-Law’s Christmas)
    • Monday 12.31.18 (New Year’s Eve- also Joey Joe’s B-day 😉

    I actually plan out my weeks with calories and the type of workout, percentage of max I’ll be working at, or exercises I’ll be doing that day. Some weeks my journal is high-jacked by a 4-year old 😉

    My nutrition plan is pretty much the same on days I’m not fasting, cleansing, or having a treat meal. It’s pretty much LCHF or Keto. I usually intermittent fast at least 4 days a week of anywhere from 18-24 hours.

    Jason Yun nutrition plans for weight loss and fat loss

    So what’s your plan?

    Now the treat days fro me….who knows…. There might be another one or 2 somewhere in there. Last year we had an unexpected event and my planned treat meal wasn’t until the following week, well there was free pizza and lots of it, so I just switched the days. Why pay for a treat meal when you can get it for free 🙂

    You got to be flexible and not beat yourself up. That’s a major stress in itself. Thinking that you’ve failed every time you have a treat is a good way to keep feeding that little devil voice. We got to shut that little bastard up!

    What to eat?

    It’s completely up to you. I use to tend to go a little buck wild on previous treat days….to the tune of 8000-10000 calories wild. I stopped that a few months ago when my last complete day of treats got me sick for the first time in a few years–not having that. You can read that blog post here.

    Nowadays it’s just a meal or two.

    But this is your chance to get your cravings out.

    Here’s what I ate on Sunday’s brunch.

    improvement warrior fitness cleanse and keto https://www.thecalculatorsite.com/health/bmr-calculator.php

    Total calories for the treat ‘day’ is below.

    I track everything through My Fitness Pal. The one thing I don’t like about MFP is once you complete your journal they tell you how much you will weigh based on the calories you consumed that day. So if somebody is trying to lose weight and they see that they can get their weight down and down then that is something that will cause a lot of people to cut their calories, especially women.

    You have to eat to get to your healthy weight. You definitely will be pushed into starvation mode if you are eating more then 500-1000 calories under your BMR (). Watch my calories presentation here.

    Dublin ohio fitness and nutrition classes

    The desert table from Sunday 😉

    Hilliard, OH weight loss and fitness classes

    It was delicious 😉

    I love planning out treat meals because it give me something to look forward to. And keeps me more strict with my nutrition plan. Plus the way I eat I don’t have any cravings due to everything I do in terms of light, water, magnetsm (aka Circadian Biology–have you checked out the Circadian Rhythm Transformation).

    Then usually later that week I either do a longer fast, but since I have 3 planned treats over 11 days, I’ll just wait until after halloween. I might attempt my first 5 day fast– we will see 🙂

    Truth Bomb 2: Your nutrition affects everything in the 13 Pillars of Health. If you are having multiple treat meals every week then you are setting yourself up for chronic disease. The majority of diseases today are not genetic but epi-genetic, meaning you bring them on based on the environment you live and create.
    Most diseases are reversible, however most people are not because they are unwilling to change. I’m not interested in helping people not willing to change. I’m only interested in people who want to change because those are the people willing and open to doing something about their health. 

    Feel free to share this blog Planning out treat meals. Let me know your thoughts.

    Update 7.25.19: Please remember the 6 pillars of Health is now the 13 Pillars of Health: Watch the webinar here


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