• Treat Days No More- You Only Cheat Yourself

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    Treat Days No More- You Only Cheat Yourself

    Friday, August 17th, 2018. Death of  Treat Days.

    Or Cheat Day as some people may call it. HOwever you shouldn’t call it that. Don’t cheat.

    I brought back treat meals and treat days a couple of years ago after going somewhere between 2-3 years without a single treat meal.

    One reason I brought them back was there was several other programs and ‘so-called experts’ saying that it actually helped with fat loss and progress.

    Another reason I  brought them back because I realized 99% of the world can’t and won’t do that.

    Tell them they can’t eat bread and some people will flip out. UNfortunately for a lot of people if they continue to eat bread (especially whole grain or wheat bread) then they will be forced to never eat it again, otherwise suffer the consequences.

    And there are consequences every time we eat a non-supportive food. Just because you don’t feel it right away, or you can ‘recover’ from it doesn’t mean there are not consequences.

    Remember the big diseases– heart disease, stroke, most cancers, Alzheimer’s, obesity take years and decades to manifest. However it isn’t a family history, it’s not genetics, it’s not bad luck, it’s epigenetics…….basically how you live and the environment you live AND ultimately the decisions you make.

    So be aware and be prepared if you have a family member who isn’t exercising on a Hilliard strength and wellness program ohioweekly basis (minimum 3x a week), and is eating a poor diet (standard american diet, high carb, low fat, low cholesterol, wheat, sugar, vegetable oils, soy, alcohol, factory farmed meats, etc…..) then ‘all of sudden’ they get struck with a heart attack or stroke or even die from it— hey it’s not all of sudden! They were asking for it!


    If that’s you……hey, time to make a change.

    Stop having treat days every single day.

    There is no such thing as sudden death from a chronic disease. A real sudden death is from an accident or they get murdered or something horrific like that.

    The foods we shouldn’t be eating are ‘drugs’. They affect the same areas as heroin, nictoine, cocaine affect in the brain. And sugar has been shown to affect even more of the brain then those hard drugs. Which makes it that much harder to stop and get off.



    My Treat Day.

    This was the first of my treat days I took a mental log at what was happening to me. So basically you are going to be getting a ‘journal’ of what happened.

    I’m writing this on Sunday morning, so 36 hours after my last treat food.

    The treating didn’t actually start until about 1230 pm. I always plan my treats around a workout and make sure to train before any bad things go in. So I got my workout in around 945 am.

    I do a lot of my shopping for my treat days at Fresh Thyme, which is like a budget whole foods. Plus their ingredients are far better and a lot of it is non-GMO verified. It’s a little more expensive then the regular stuff, but worth it since I don’t do this everyday like some people.

    So what I purchased there was Fresh Thyme potato chips, sourdough bread, a Margherita Pizza, and fresh thyme brownie bars.

    Dublin, OH Nutritionist Jason Yun Hilliard Dietician Improvement Warrior Fitness

    Once I got in the car the chips were open. It was like I couldn’t wait the 7:00 drive home. So cravings tend to go up and up for me when I have a treat day and start thinking ‘oh I’m allowed to have this today.’ Which I’m sure is how a lot of people feel like every day.

    The chips were delicious. A lot of people when they go on a LCHF (low carb high fat) or ketogenic type nutrition plan when they return to the foods they used to eat they don’t taste as good. For me that isn’t the case. It still tastes amazing. And I see why people are so addicted. Which is why I plan my treat days to get these foods in then out!

    Then when I finally got home I started baking the Margherita Pizza. While waiting I ate 3/5 of the chips and had a couple of slices of the sourdough bread with apple butter (one of my fave things in the world).

    Treat days bread is not healthy 47-day ketogenic diet challenge

    While I was eating the pizza I could feel the blood sugar and insulin rush. I usually always get a feeling of extreme heat right in the middle of my forehead. I can’t focus as well which is always known as brain fog. But the one thing is I can’t stop eating. It takes a lot to fill me up (remember I used to be a 222 pound bodybuilder who would 5-6000 a day on average just to maintain weight.)

    Also remember when blood sugar and insulin levels are increased you cannot be burning fat– you are most likely storing it, especially if you are eating carbs and carbage on the daily and if you are not working out.

    Probably most of this first treat meal was simply going to replenishing my glycogen (stored carbohydrates) levels since I’m pretty low carb and it was my post-workout meal.

    I finished the entire pizza 🙂

    pizza on the ketogenic diet challenge by jason yun

    Then about 1/2 hour to hour later came the 1st energy crash of the day.

    Now you see why I always workout before any treat foods when I’m full of energy and thriving on my regular LCHF/Keto type food. There was absolutely NO WAY I would have been able to do a workout at the level I’m used to. Which is why so many people DON’T have the energy to workout. Crap food = Crap Energy!

    The energy crash lasted about 45 minutes: brain fog, wanting to keel over and take a nap. If I was sitting rather then standing I know I would of dozed off. Another reason to get a standing desk 🙂

    So for those 45 minutes productivity was in the crapper.

    Digestion is one of the highest metabolic activites in our body. A lot of other processes that go on get completely shut down or reduced greatly to allow digestion to occur. This is why a lot of people who eat foods like this have that afternoon crash. Treat and cheat foods are not energy food. Carbohydrates are not energy food. They will give you an immediate bump, but that bump is not long lasting. Soon comes that crash or another re-feed and the cycle repeats.

    So that after that initial drop of about 45 minutes, I started to come back online a little bit, not my full self because I basically have brain fog and difficulty concentrating the whole day of a treat day. The cravings were rampaging. Knowing I still had those brownies and cookie and the rest of the bread waiting for me.

    I waited about 4 hours around 430 to start my second treat meal. It consisted of the Columbus trainer and nutritionist rest of the sourdough minus 1/4 of it which went to my dogs. Mixed and matched toppings of kerry gold butter, peanut butter and apple butter. The rest of chips. 2 brownies. 1 Cheryl’s chocolate chip cookie. A previous snicker’s ice cream cone from a previous treat day.


    Sugar The Energy Crasher (Treat Days)

    About 15 minutes later I needed to go pick up my daughter from school. On my way which is just about 15 minutes away, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. It wasn’t for lack of sleep the night before (7.5 hours). Was driving in there slapping myself every 5-10 seconds to stay awake.

    When I did pull in the parking lot I actually took a 15 minute nap.

    That nap helped. But still had flush, heat sensation in the middle of forehead. So digestion was still high. But got home and a couple hours later needed to decide on dinner.

    Decided on Papa John’s. 2 medium pizzas- one bacon and sausage, the other sausage and pepperoni. And also a meatball sandwich.

    pizza carbohydrates not on keto diet. Grove city fitness and nutritionist jason yunHad 2 rounds of this meal. First one around 800 pm. And the second one around 1030 pm.

    Decision making process for me is always in the crapper on treat days. NOrmally I like to be done eating dinner by 7 or at least by 8. And usually Monday-Thursday I intermittent fast and am usually done by 3, sometimes by 11  am. I don’t like to waste my treat foods or money. Which was why I ate so late.

    Luckily for my daughter she doesn’t like pizza too much. She had a couple bites of my sandwich and just picked the cheese out of a piece of pizza and just had her regular grass-fed meal replacement shake.

    Eating late majorily affects your sleep. Which I’ll get into here.

    After that second dinner I was stuffed. I couldn’t move. I fell asleep on the floor using my dog as my pillow.

    Improvement Warrior Fitness Strength & Nutrition

    I woke up at 200 am. Still stuffed and with major brain fog. But needed to get in my grassfed shake with Ionix. I’ll get into my pre- and post treat day routine here soon. It wasn’t the best because I added a little too much of my new essential oil blend that is supposed to support digestive health. If you used essential oils before you know on some of them you need to be a little more patient with the drops……. I wasn’t feeling very patient at the time 🙂

    I sat on the couch drinking it, thinking I’d get up and go to bed after. Nope. I fell asleep on the couch around 245 am, which is one of my 14 rules of life- don’t fall asleep on the couch. Luckily I already unplugged the wi-fi around 930 when I put my daughter to bed.

    I woke up the next day at 648 with a belly ache which lasted until around 11 am. Still feeling kind of yucky all over.


    One of the other things that popped up was 8 pimples. People think acne is caused by certain foods and it is. Teenagers are more prone to it as well and for good reason- hormones raging and some of the worst eaters on the planet.

    Our skin is the largest organ on our body and if something inside of us is causing inflammation then something is going to show it’s ugly head on the outside of the skin- acne! All the foods I ate were causing major inflammation!

    I had acne bad when I was a kid. Probably had something to do with all the candy and junk and 6-10 Dr. Peppers a day I used to drink. Instead of addressing nutrition I took a medication for 2-3 years.

    I always say you are not healthy if you are on a prescription drug. Sometimes they can save lives, but there is no reason to be on them for an extended period of time. Unless you are being lazy don’t want to live in accordance with nature and the universal laws.

    Macros for the Day (Treat Days)


    Jason Yun Low carb high fat coach Hilliard, OH weight loss consultants

    Macros are listed above. Not sure how that trans fat gram came in. Actually I do……. on packaging if a product has less then .5 grams of transfat it can list them as ‘Zero Trans fats’.

    Total number of trans fats you should have is zero. I didn’t do my due diligence and check the ingredients.

    My Pre- Treat Days Routine

    I’m just going to do bulletpoints here. Any questions leave it in the comments:

    My Post- Treat Days Routine

    I was also either do a cleanse day or at least a 24 hour fast this coming week to help escort those toxins and junk I took in. Since I cleansed last week, it will be a fast.

    Like I mentioned this is the end of Treat Days. Not treat meals. 

    I will still be having a treat meal here and there and will bring you the results. And will bring you if I stop those as well.

    My sleep was messed up last night as well. Just physically drained. Sleep is by far the most important health aspect. If your sleep sucks your health will suck, if it doesn’t already suck.

    This is life!

    This is the game of life! Nutrition is a big part of that life! So is having fun!

    Are you winning or losing?

    Have you been cut from the team?

    Where ever you are right now it doesn’t matter. You can always make things better for yourself. 

    It starts with awareness and then action!

    Everybody loves a comeback. 

    I was losing, injured and cut from the team. But I’m making my comeback. It’s not over. Soon I’ll be in the Hall of Fame :) 

    See you there! 

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