• March Done 2020- Health Goals- Online Workouts Jason Yun

    March Done 2020- Health Goals- Online Workouts Jason Yun

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    Month 3 2020 down!

    How is everything going?

    These are certainly different times. March 2020 was certainly a month I will never forget. This quarantine can be tough if you make it that way. It’s a great time to get focused on health. For some stay focused. And for some get started focusing.

    There is no better time then now.

    Because if we let our health go it affects our mindset and quickly.

    Mindset matters most.

    weight loss nutrition

    You’ve got to have a strong mind, mindset and mental toughness. Otherwise, everything falls off.

    How did your first March of the new decade go?

    Health is not given to anyone. You must be proactive. If you are not disease will ensue. Consistency is key! Motivation will always wane. Keep your health routines strong. Don’t have any, START.

    No better time then NOW!

    Consistency is key!

    My health numbers for March:

    • Grounding 167 sessions for 47:27
    • Cold Tub: 22 for 3:38
    • Steps 13,214
    • 71 vitamin D sessions.
    • Morning Sunrises seen 31
    • Sadhana(Meditation/Wim Hof Breathing/Yoga): 21 days in a row, 23 days total. Had a 55 day streak ended on March 16th.
    • 15 PR’s (lowest so far of the year
    • 21 Workouts (lowest of the year)

    My numbers for February:

    • Grounding 160 sessions for 25:44
    • Cold Tub: 20 for 2:32
    • Steps 13,010
    • 53 vitamin D sessions.
    • Morning Sunrises seen 29
    • Sadhana(Meditation/Wim Hof Breathing/Yoga): 29 days (now 45 day streak as of 3.5.20 which beats all of 2019)
    • 20 PR’s
    • 22 Workouts

    My numbers for Janaury:

    •  seen: 31
    •  146 sessions for 23 hours and 24 minutes (was not happy with this 🙁 December was 141 for 26:55)
    • Cold Tub: 22 Sessions for 2:30 (most sessions since September)
    • Sadhana (Meditation/Wim Hof Breathing/Yoga): 16 days. Ended with 13 day streak.
    • 22 Workouts
    • 19 PRs
    • Steps: 12,727 averged per day


    Always striving for a better and stronger me.

    Winning starts in the mind!

    Are you ready?

    You can’t just start then stop….start.stop…… that is how losing and disease sets in and takes you out over decades.

    Or in our present within a few weeks.

    That might be harsh right now and offend some because Covid-19 is so contagious……….

    However you are the one who makes the decisions.

    The vast majority of people who died or will die already had at least one pre-exsciting condition.

    If your redox potential (the net negative charge inside your cell) sucks then you have health problems. If they ain’t showing up yet, continue doing what you are doing and they will.

    Always remember, you cannot get better in the same environment you got sick in.


    The focus must be on health because once that goes then everything goes. And you will be spending all your time, effort, money, energy on trying to get it back.

    The best thing to do is focus on health everyday.

    You are the most important person in your life. Because if you go down……….who else will suffer because of that?

    Strong in mind, strong in body, strong in life!

    Go get it!

    Stay home, stay safe, get outside, improve your redox, be the Improvement Warrior.


    Who has the highest redox?


    Follow #mitochondriac on instagram and facebook to see what it is we do improve our redox and fight off all viruses and illnesses and move towards optimal.

    Yes optimal is possible, but you have to be sick and tired of sub-optimal and feeling FINE. Fine is just a synonym for SHIT.



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