• 34-Day Light Challenge

    Did You Know: Your Light Environment Is More Important Than The Food You Eat & The Exercise You Do?

    34-day light challenge jason yun

    You’ve Been Lied To For Your Entire Life About What True Health Is & How To Achieve It; Isn’t It About Time You Discovered The Real Secrets To Health That Your Government, Personal Trainer, Supplement Maker, And Nutritionist Doesn’t Want You To Know!

    dr jack kruse and jason yun teach you about light, sunlight blue light

    nothing better than sunlight for health

    Why a Light Challenge?

    Most people want to be healthy

    Most people believe that health is tied to what they eat and the exercise they do. 

    If you have ever tried all the diets out there to get healthy?

    From PaleoKetoVegan, Whole 30, Gluten free, Grain free, Low Fat, Low Cholesterol, High protein, Carnivore, etc…. 


    If diets and good nutrition did actually work then everybody who has followed one should be healthy and not overweight, right? 

    That obviously isn’t the case, especially in the United States. 

    Have you ever worked out with the hopes of losing weight, body fat, or reversing your disease? 

    Guess what……..

    We are run by our cells. The powerhouse of those cells is our mitochondria. It is our Engine of the cell. 



    If an engine is broken, does it matter what type of fuel you use? 

    The answer is in LIGHT!

    What is the 34-Day Light Challenge 

    The 34-Day Light Challenge is not an exercise or nutrition manual. 

    It is your introduction to healthy light- AKA Sunlight. And your introduction to junk light- AKA Blue Light or artificial light.

    There is a lot more information in regards to hormones, sleep, some nutrition, neurotransmitters, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Amino Acids, Circadian Rhythms, and a host more stuff– all of which ties in to the 3 laws of Nature– Light, Water and Magnetism. 

    Think of it as a 3-legged stool. Break one leg off you fall down. NASA when they search for life on other planets, they look for Light, Water and Magnetism. That is why we are not moving to Mars anytime soon. 

    eat sunlight jason yun 34-day light challenge

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    You will receive a full 41 days of access to any additional programs and of course all resources are yours. You will also receive all updated editions of the Light Challenge manual as they become available in the future. 

    THE 34-Day Light Challenge IS OPEN FOR REGISTRATION

    Changing how people think about health. Your mitochondria doesn’t care what you ate today or how much you worked out 

    The Better You Know The Better You Do 

    food you eat not mitochondrial fuel jason yun

    Let There Be Light

    A video sampling from Jason Yun in regards to circadian biology and light.

    ‘Retirement’ from Fitness & Nutrition

    Set your circadian rhythm

    AM Sunlight Equals Melatonin

    Reset Your Circadian Rhythm and Kids Circadian Biology

    48 Vs. 10- Why Light Matters More Than Food

    Seasonal Affective Disorder



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    34-day light challenge jason yun

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