• Level 7 Struggle and Fail [FitRanX]

    Level 7 Struggle and Fail [FitRanX]

    Continue on with the struggle.

    Yesterday I attempted FitRanX level 7 again.

    I’ve probably only passed like 7-9 of these levels total, and ‘failed’ I’d say anywhere between 30-50 times.

    FitRanX is in it’s version 3.0, I’ve been doing since it was 1.0.

    I passed level 7 at 2.0 (after 7 attempts ?). This one was actually the closest I’ve come to passing 3.0 level 7.

    Those damn waiter walks 

    Stay consistent and persistent. If there is something that you cannot do and you want to do it then you need to keep practicing.

    Sly Stallone training hilliard, oh

    I can make excuses or I can shut up and train.

    If I make excuses then that becomes my mindset. If I skip workouts that becomes my mindset. So the next time it makes it easier to skip. Then my lack of results is mine to own. But someone with a victim mentality will blame it on anything other then them self.

    Rather if I continue to train, ask questions, get stronger then that becomes my mindset.

    In order to succeed with training, and succeed with nutrition, and succeed with better health, and succeed with achieving a better body then you to need to train your mind & body and you need to blame yourself for where you are.

    It starts with you!

    It ends with you!

    Level 7 Struggle and Fail [FitRanX]

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