• Iron Deficiency Root Cause | Circadian Rhythm Coach

    Iron Deficiency Root Cause | Circadian Rhythm Coach

    Iron Deficiency
    Iron deficiency jason yun jack kruse NAD+ oxygen tensions
    Whats the deeper reason?
    And should you supplement Iron if you have an iron deficiency?
    Low iron is a protection mechanism…. protection against what? Soon…
    Let’s use a disease that low iron is assoicated with: Sleep apnea
    sleep apnea CPAP machine jason yun circadian rhythm health coach new albany, oh iron deficiency
    Sleep apnea (and low iron) is a protective mechanism to lower your oxygen tension.
    There are 4 major pathways in biochemistry: Glycolysis, PPP, TCA & Urea cycle
    What is the difference?
    You use glycolysis and the PPP when oxygen tensions are low
    So that means you actually need more glucose (sugar-Carbs), because you can’t use fat burning or protein properly. Much like in cases with Leptin Resistance (have you checked out my Leptin Transformation Course here)
    Fat burnning requires the TCA cycle (Krebs Cycle). Protein requires the Urea cycle
    When you can’t use those cycles your brain stem lowers oxygen tension which lowers your iron
    Iron (hemoglobin) hitches rides all over your body via your red blood cells to deliver sunlight all over your body to the mitochondria all over your body. But when the mitochondria can’t use oxygen well, your body is going to create an Iron issue, because if you deliver too much oxygen to bad mitochondria you would make ROS–reactive oxygen species.
    DHA and oxygen and red blood cells hemoglobin iron deficiency jason yun new albany ohio
    “This means it is really not a disease……it is a reaction to low NAD+ and high ROS made in mitochondria to control the flow of oxygen just as a carburetor does in a car.” ~Dr. Jack Kruse
    Too much ROS will create cancer
    Your zip code is more important for healthy or diseased mitochondria than your genetic code. Because you cannot get healthy in the same environment you got sick in
    oxygen DHA magnetism jason yun dr. jack kruse iron deficiency
    If you have iron deficiency, your blood is telling you there is a problem in your environment. And hopefully you are not a vegan/vegetarian based on what you just read
    Should vegans/vegetarians take an iron supplement? No. They should stop being vegan
    So when you do have iron issues, or really any health problem, instead of saying maybe I should supplement or take a drug, you say WHAT IS THE ROOT CAUSE?
    When it comes down to it, Iron deficiency, sleep apnea, and leptin resistance are poor functioning mitochondria. Which is a synonym for Circadian rhythm malfunction. 100% of non-genetic diseases will be. And even genetic diseases can be greatly improved by improving your circadian health & mito
    Questions/Comments on iron deficiency, sleep apnea or cancer?
    If you need help let me know.
    Coach Yun

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