• It Begins- Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 1

    improvement warrior podcast with jason yun

    It Begins- Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 1

    Today in this maiden voyage podcast we will discuss:

    1. Why I decided to start the IWP
    2. What/how it will be different than other health/wellness podcasts
    3. My history in terms of who I am, who I was, and who I am becoming
    4. The major key topics we will be discussing in the future.
    5. Why mindset matters most.

    Why and how IWP will be different and why starting it.

    I delve into my background starting in sophomore year of high school with nutrition and starting to lift weights  in 1990 and the changes that occured throughout the years. How I took my bodyweight from 167 to 207 to 222 to 234 lbs and how fast I did and the consequences that resulted from it. Also the different dieting protocols I followed from the  Bodybuilding diet | Paleo | Cleanse | Keto | Sunshine & Circadian nutrition.

    Also go into my depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts that were a starting point for my turn around. I was very lucky because I did not become a product of the medical/Big Pharma world…..couldn’t afford insurance—lucky me 🙂

    Being a Dr. Jack Kruse ‘translator’ will be  a recurring theme of this podcast. I learn very slowly and have to put what Dr. Kruse says into my own words to describe it to myself and then to others. 

    The Future topics of Improvement Warrior Podcast:

    • Most frequently the 13 Pillars of health– list out.
    • Cold exposure.
    • 5g.
    • Vak Seens- especially Ko vid and flu. Wife wants me to stop posting about the this stuff, but it is absolutely vital to health.
    • Sunshine.
    • Vitamin D.
    • Parenting-currently reading the book Hold on to your kids.
    • Nutrition.
    • Strength/Fitness training from youth to senior.
    • Mobilizations.
    • Sleep.
    • Treat days.
    • Mindset.
    • Setting goals.
    • Fasting. Intermittent Fasting 
    • Exposing lies of big tech, pharma, food, insurance, government.
    • The Covid dilemma.
    • Recipes.
    • Dopamine, Melatonin, Hormones.
    • Blue light
    • Bushcraft
    • Mindset

    Mindset Matters Most

    You can listen to this podcast, that one, that one, etc.. Les Brown, Tony Robbins, David Goggins, Jocko Willink, ET The Hip Hop preacher, watch the secret, etc…… none of it matters……. IF YOU DON”T TAKE ACTION ON WHAT YOU ARE LEARNING. 

    Resources Mentioned In Improvement Warrior POdcast Episode #1

    1. 13 Pillars of Health Webinar 
    2. Improvement Warrior University 
    3. Mindset Training- Mindtamer 
    4. Cold Thermogenesis
    5. 5G 
    6. Book: Hold on to your Kids 
    7. Circadian Nutrition
    8. Strength
    9. Mobilizations
    10. Sleep
    11. Treat Days/Meals— Why treat not cheat?
    12. Injections of Inspirations
    13. Goals
    14. Intermittent Fasting and Fasting
    15. Big tech lies
    16. Covid dilemma
    17. Blue Light
    18. Bushcraft


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    Improvement Warrior Podcast Release Date 3/16/21. Length 51:07

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