• “I’m 200 pounds now. I need to workout.” | New Albany, OH Health & Fitness

    “I’m 200 pounds now. I need to workout.” | New Albany, OH Health & Fitness

    Someone on my Facebook feed posted that:

    “I’m 200 pounds now. I need to workout.”

    I posted my response.

    But it wasn’t “Hey Come workout with me and my program.”

    Nope. I told him NOT TO WORKOUT.

    Because if you are working out to lose weight you are already starting off in a losing proposition.

    Get healthy then lose weight new albany oh fitness center . jason yun leptin reset jack kruse

    It’s like trying to turn your car using the Force.

    Doesn’t work.

    Weight loss…..weight gain…..being fit….being healthy…..having a disease…….. are all mindset related. It’s the most important part for a complete transformation.

    We’ve seen what happens when you workout for hours on end and limit your calories severely…..move more eat less…….The Biggest Loser show.

    But where are the reunion shows to show how extremely healthy these people are???

    They are worst off because of what they did.

    Health and weight loss are not one in the same.

    You can lose weight and NOT be healthy.

    No one has a weight problem. You have a hormone problem.

    If you are overweight, than certain workouts can destroy your hormones even more. And even more if doing a calorie restricted diet—-which if you want to lose weight and keep it off YOU SHOULD NEVER DO.

    I say it all the time the #1 and #2 reasons to workout are: BRAIN & BONE Health.

    Not weight loss. Not to get fit. Not to get strong. Not to increase self esteem…….those things eventually come.

    But if brain and bones suck then continuing on with a workout program is highly improbable.

    bone health is needed. Workout to strengthen bones not lose weight

    Now if you want to solve the health & weight problems—-for life then we need to do things differently.

    Here are 5 solutions you can use:

    1. Health consult with me via Zoom: I send you a questionairre that should take you 30-60 minutes to fill out completely. The vast majority has nothing to do with your workout history. Then we ‘meet’ and I coach you on what to do over the next 4-6 weeks and you get better. New habits of health developed. Habits of disease eliminated. Click HERE for more info. If you are not completely ready for that you can set up a Discovery call with me HERE. 

    2. You enter one of my upcoming challenges: 1.) 47-Day Ketogenic diet Nutrition Challenge  2.) 32-Day Circadian Rhythm Transformation ………..both focus on resetting the Circadian Rhythm which is a synonym for fixing hormones (among many other things).

    3. If you are a self starter and DO NOT need contant coaching then download my 17-Step Mitochondriac guide and start implementing it. Click here to download

    4. The best exercise you can do if you are overweight (which means you are leptin resistant– search #leptinwithyun on facebook or instagram for more info) is walking in the sunshine and nowadays the cold with NAKED eyes.

    5. Weight gain and all diseases are an imbalance of electrons and protons. Too many protons equals INFLAMMATION. Protons have 1852x the mass of an electron–hence weight gain (cellular swelling = all disease).

    My top 5 ‘health hacks’-
    1. See Sunrise/UVA/Sunset everday with naked eyes and as much naked skin as possible
    2. Ground/Earth your feet into grass, sand, ocean, soil, concrete
    3. Good fluoride free water to drink and bathe in (I use Clearly filtered for both HERE)
    4. Eat DHA (Helps capture electrons #DHAWithYun)
    5. Breathe through your nose (#breathwithYun).

    If I had to throw in a 6th it would be cold exposure. Cold shrinks mass (protons) and improves electron health (#CTWithYun).


    But the key is to start.

    And start NOW.

    Waiting is a losing game. Especially as we get older. Because soon it will be Christmas again (Even if you are reading this in January). What will change in that time frame?

    Start now.

    If you need help or have a specific question……ASK……it’s why I send these posts out


    Make it an awesome day and weekend

    Stay strong, stay positive, be the Improvement Warrior!

    Coach Jason Yun

    Leave a comment at the bottom with your thoughts/comments/questions.


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