• Headache Relief

    Headache Relief

    Please share this video out with anybody who you feel it could help. Remember if you regularly have headaches that is not normal. That is your body calling out to you that there is a problem. Just putting a band-aid on it like Aleve, or Aspirin, or Exedrin is not the solution…..that will just lead to more faulty complications down the road with your body. You only get one!

    Check your nutrition, check your posture, do mobilizations. That should fix those headaches up once and for all!


    Nobody wants them. When they arrive we want them gone ASAP! The head is one of the most common sites of pain in the body.

    Headache or head pain sometimes can be difficult to describe, but some common symptoms include throbbing, squeezing, constant, unrelenting or intermittent. The location may be in one part of the face or skull, or may be generalized involving the whole head. ~From medicinenet.com


    Below is the transcription of the video above.

    Hey! What’s up Improvement Warriors? Jason Yun back with you again and today I wanted to share with you a technique that I have used in the past and I’m gonna use right now to help me alleviate a headache.

    I am doing a cleanse day today and for the first time ever, I think I’m getting a headache. So I don’t want that, it’s not very good and it doesn’t feel very good. Now I know what some other people are experiencing.

    But what I do to combat a headache on any day is I take a lacrosse ball, and the thing with lacrosse balls is that you wanna make sure you have one that you can grip, not the smoother one. You want one that’s more sticky.

    fitness expert in hilliard

    And what you do with it, you take the lacrosse ball, stick it right on your temple, and you want to push in as hard as you can (but not super hard as the temple is very tender). So you push in and then you’re going to twist and take up that skin a little bit and you just keep pushing in and twist it, pushing in and twist it. That will help relieve the tension because all over our body we should have sliding surfaces where our skin can jus go round and round and round. And if that skin gets tight, especially on the head, then it will cause headaches.

    Hilliard fitness expert

    So you just push in and twist. You do about 10-20 reps and you can also move different angles. Move up and down but basically stay on that temple. Then obviously do the other side.

    And the other thing that you can do if that doesn’t work is you want to put the lacrosse ball right in the jaw because if your jaw is not aligned properly then you’ll start to get headaches. (My headache is pretty much gone right now)

    Columbus OH fitness expert

    So you take it right where the jaw bone comes out when you open your mouth, you stick it in there and then you do the twist again while moving your jaw back and forth. You can open your mouth as well, opening your jaw while twisting the lacrosse ball. Do the other side as well.

    Then the other place where the headaches would start is down on the neck (back in the neck and side). So you basically do the same thing, press into the neck, twist and take up that skin and then look away. Keep pushing the ball into your neck. Because if the neck gets super tight as well then your going to have issues.

    fitness expert Hilliard Jason Yun

    And that’s it! My headaches probably 95% gone. Sometimes it will come back throughout the day but you just keep doing it. And again, watch your posture because if your neck is too far forward then it will cause headaches as well.

    Thank you guys for watching! If you liked it – share, comment, like… all that good stuff and I’ll see you next time.

    Stay Strong. Stay Positive. Be the Improvement Warrior.

    Some other issues could arrive from the back of the neck and spine
    Down below is a posterior neck mobilization. It requires 2 lacrosse balls duct taped together. They also make special tools for it. But the double lacrosse ball works fine. It’s known as the Peanut.

    Another reason for neck pain and headaches is your cell phone. Do you have Text Neck?

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