• Infertility Can Be Reversed | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 17

    Infertility Can Be Reversed | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 17

    Episode 17 is a deep dive into the world of fertility. Did you only 3% of people are truly infertile. That means just like most diseases it can be reversed, however not every person is curable. Also like most modern diseases, infertility is skyrocketing, but that is the plan. We must arm ourselves with the knowledge, tactics, a deep purpose to take massive action to not succomb to the weakness affecting the majority of humans.

    Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 17 we will discuss:

    • Audio and video podcast down below
    • Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 17 we will discuss:
      1. The Luke Storey Podcast with Dr. Cleopatra that sparked this podcast
      2. You’ve heard of 1st,2nd,3rd trimester, but what is the Primester?
      3. What is Mommy Strength?
      4. How leptin affects egg selection and is this a good or bad thing?
      5. The actual stats of infertility in America
      6. Why we need to create super babies
      7. How 5G is messing up our fertility and overall health
      8. Why some people shouldn’t get pregnant until they do this
      9. What is the main thing causing infertility in both men and women?
      10. What leptin does and how it affects pregnancy
      11. Why kids are most effected by nnEMF and how it crosses the blood brain barrier and also the placental barrier
      12. Calcium efflux how it is the prime thing needed for an autoimmune disease.
      13. Habits of Health vs. Habits of Disease
      14. What are my non-negotiables for habits on my treat days
      15. What happens at the moment of conception and how does it relate to your circadian biology.
      16. How long does it take a woman to recover FULLY after having a baby
      17. Why we do not need fertility clinics. Only ~3% are ACTUALLY infertile.

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    Resources Mentioned In Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode #17: Infertility can be reversed 


      1. Yun recommends page
      2. 34-Day Light Challenge
      3. 47-Day Ketogenic Diet Challenge
      4. Mindtamer
      5. LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts
      6. Improvement Warrior Fitness (Adults) & Improvement Warrior Athlete (youth) strength and fitness training in New Albany, Ohio
      7. Blueblockers and Light Partners:
        1. All blueblocking glasses and discount codes can be found here.
      8. Books Mentioned:
        1. Arthur Firstenberg: The Invisible Rainbow
        2. Elizabeth Kolbert: the 6th Extinction: https://amzn.to/2ZavNCQ
      9. Podcasts
          1. Luke Storey with Dr. Cleopatra 
          2. The Root Cause Of Autism & Autoimmunity #15
          3. Smarter Tech Podcast
          4. Kyle kingsbury podcast red pill solocast
      10. Defendershield
      11. Improvement Warrior University: All webinars are on the IWU Facebook Group HERE
        1. Breath-14 Pillars of Health Webinar (will also be released as Episode 12 podcast)
        2. The Leptin Webinars
        3. The Blue Light Webinars
        4. EMF Webinar
        5. The Epi-Paleo Diet Webinars (DHA is part 2)

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