• Eating after 7 pm? Bad for Fat Loss? (Hilliard, OH Nutrition)

    Eating after 7 pm? Bad for Fat Loss? (Hilliard, OH Nutrition)

    hilliard and dublin nutritionist jason yun

    It is a myth that eating after 7 pm will cause weight and/or body fat gain!

    However, you don’t want to be eating too late to bedtime, especially carbs and especially too much food. So if your bedtime is 8 pm then you definitely don’t want to be eating after 7 pm.

    ?I did it last night (63 grams protein, 144 grams fat and 11 net carbs).

    Today is a fasting day and I do tend to load up a little more then I should? something I’m working on controlling more. As well as not eating too late.

    Normally Monday- Thursday I intermittent fast and try to get my last meal in by at least 3 pm.

    ?if I eat too late I wake up with a knot in my throat and I know my sleep was affected.

    ?one night every once in a while is ok but sleep is a major bodily function and so is digestion— we don’t want both going on at the same time.

    ?Depending on what you eat, you want at least an hour before bed. And not 1544 calories like I did ? last night. The bedtime belly buster routine I’ll do just 30 minutes before bed, but that actually helps me sleep and burn belly fat ??

    Definitely no carbs before bed unless you like that sumo look.

    ?My nutrition and life isn’t perfect but I keep learning , making mistakes and correcting course for improvement.

    Always do better??

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