• Cruise Nutrition: I gained 15.5 pounds in 6 days

    Nutrition low carb with Hilliard trainer jason yun Nutrition low carb with Hilliard trainer jason yun

    Cruise Nutrition: I gained 15.5 pounds in 6 days

    Jason Yun Nutrition on Disney cruise- high carb vs low carb
    I still have a lot to learn about nutrition.
    I do feel the best way to learn is to practice different things on myself.
    To be a human guinea pig.
    As you may or may not know I’ve done all of the following with my nutrition:
    1. high carb, low fat, low cholesterol, high protein
    2. Paleo
    3. Keto 
      1. Traditional Keto (strict)
      2. Ovo-Pesco Vegetarian Keto
      3. Re-feeding once a week keto
      4. Dairy Free Keto
    4. Intermittent Fasting
    5. Nutritional Cleansing
    6. LCHF (Low Carb High Fat)
    7. Fasting
    8. No treat meals for over 2 years
    9. Treat days 
    10. Treat weeks
    11. Primal (Paleo with dairy included)
    12. Superfoods
    Plus I’ve done (or am doing) combinations of the above list as well.
    My latest ‘experiment’ was on a Disney Cruise.
    It was a family vacation. The last one I took was during my strict keto days. I didn’t have one treat or dessert while on that cruise. You can read about everything in this blog post here. 
    This one was a complete 180. Everyday and every meal/snack was basically a treat.
    Nutritionist and personal trainer LCHF
    To prepare for this I did a cleanse day (see video below) followed by a day of fasting, so just water and salt (good salts, no table salts). Then to recover from my treat day I will do the same. Although sometime I flip the order— still attempting to figure out which one works best.

    For the recovery for this one, I think I’m going to need a little extra. I’m going to be doing 3 superfood shakes (recipe below), followed by a cleanse day, followed by at least 4 day water and salt fast. The longest I’ve fasted was just over 67 hours, so we will see. I actually fasted for 84.5 hours.
    I gained 13.5 pounds while on the cruise ship (177 to 190.5), and actually 15.5 pounds total for the vacation from Saturday to Friday.
    Disney world nutrition by nutritionist jason yun Columbus, OH

    Cruise Breakfast Food

    I hadn’t seen this weight in almost 5 years since before I first started nutritional cleansing. Look a little better now then when I did— just a little bit……..
    After my fast I dropped back down to 181.8.
    I posted a few of the pics of the food I ate. First time eating a hash brown, bagel, english muffin in over a decade 🙂
    Every day I always started off with a workout. From Friday to Friday I worked out, so 8 days in a row. I never recommend that, especially when weight training. But I basically went back to a bodybuilding split routine so I didn’t really feel worn out. Plus with all the surplus in calories I needed it. I always attempt to workout even more when traveling as well, because it 1. Gives me a good start to the day 2. Makes me more mentally sharp 3. On this trip helped me clear all those excess carbs* 4. Keeps my discipline of waking up early and not falling too far into ‘vacation mode’. The gym on the ship opened at 6 am, so I actually did get to sleep in a little.
     Disney cruise cheat meals with Jason Yun
    * Working out helps big time with making you more insulin sensitive. So when you do eat carbs you are able to process them and bring the blood sugar and insulin levels down quicker. I always so if you don’t workout, the only carbs you should be eating are fibrous vegetables. You got to earn your carbs with a workout (if you are going to eat them at all…..which is the best option 🙂 because eventually (for the majority of people) if you continue to eat a high carb nutrition plan then your body’s ability to process will diminish which will lead to health issues down the road. I always say we are not supposed to grow older and die from some chronic disease. We are simply supposed to die because our cells get too old and we go happy and healthy— not suffering in our final years.
    Detox the body- nutritional cleanse.

    Superfoods shake: -2 scoops grass fed, undenatured whey protein -1 scoop Ionix -1 scoop greens


    The other thing I did while on the ship and enjoying all the food was I drank 3 of my superfood shakes a day with Ionix and a serving of greens. Ionix is an adaptogen drink designed to fight stress and inflammation. Even if I’m doing super low carb, I still usually am drinking this. Greens is a powder that in each serving has about 30 servings of vegetables in it. This was basically my nutritional insurance, as I did forget to bring my vitamins.
    When I’m at home, I will always add extra fat usually either coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil. Usually 2-4 tablespoons worth.
    Overall the cruise was a great time. Highly recommend it.
    Iron man and nutrition low carb.
    Still working on the experiments and finding what works best for everybody.
    If you have questions or comments please leave it down below. I’m always here to help!

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