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    Diet Induced Obesity


    Can the diet you are on induce obesity? 

    Or any other disease issues?

    Short answer is YES. 

    There is a lot of different diets out there, but probably the one thing we have gotten the worst is dieting. 

    Or cutting calories to lose weight. 

    And also focusing on weight loss. 

    The things we eat and the way we eat can certainly play major roles in obesity and other diseases. Which is why it crucial we learn the new rules of nutrition.

    In no particular order: 

    1. Never eat when it is dark out
    2. Never snack 
    3. Never eat more than 3 meals a day
    4. DHA (Seafood) at least 3 servings a week. Sicker you are the more you need. More optimal you want to be more you need
    5. Always finish eating last meal at least 4 hours before you are asleep (See #1 for exactly when you should eat)
    6. Your light environment is more important than food (fake blue light will raise your blood glucose WITHOUT food)
    7. If you are overweight, eat within 30 minutes of seeing the sunrise (Here  is a study showing a 59% reduction in type 2 diabetes for people who ate breakfast before 8 am compared to after 9 am–Another example of WHEN you eat is more important than WHAT.)
    8. Your nnEMF environment is more important than food. 
    9. If you don’t live in the tropics or near the equator the foods you eat must change seasonally. 
    10. Calories don’t matter unless you are eating too little (aka DIETING)

    If we focus on fueling ourselves for the GAME OF LIFE we will do much better. Fuel is also sunlight– no diet matters if you live indoors 80% of your time. 

    Fuel is also water– no diet matters if you are drinking fluoridated water. And even reverse osmosis water without re-mineralizing the water

    Fuel is also your purpose or goals. A purpose driven life moves you forward. Maybe you fall but you get back up.  

    Which new ‘rule’ shocks you the most? 

    Which one makes you say “I can’t or won’t”?

    The one that got me the most in trouble over my life was probably eating before the sun rose and after it set, and eating right 30 minutes before bed…Not good 🙁


    Bad things happen when we have the wrong information and think it is right. 


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    Stay strong, stay positive, be the Improvement Warrior!

    Coach Jason Yun


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