• Cell Phones & Wireless Technology: Unknown Death Causers Part 3 | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 54

    Cell Phones & Wireless Technology: Unknown Death Causers Part 3 | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 54

    Improvement Warrior podcast with jason yun

    This podcast is part 3 of my podcast series Unknown Death Causers and goes over the worldwide economy cash driving industry that is absolutely destroying our health and making us dumber, fatter, sicker, and more obedient.  Strap in for Jason’s longest podcast so far. From cell phones to airpods to smart meters to apple watches and everything in between.

    Please share the episode with anybody you feel it can help, especially those who are tech addicted or use tech as a digital babysitter for their kids. This one is eye-opening

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    Highlights for Episode #54: Wireless Technology- Unknown Death Causer #3 

    • What are the 2 main causes of all disease
    • What does a paper from the Naval Medical Research Institue say about EMF, RF and microwave radiation from 1971?
      • What are the effects of all this on different organs
    • Why the current recommednations in major countries like the US and using thermal effects is BS
    • How does Russia’s limits vs. the US safety limits compare to each other. BTW Russia attempted to warn us about EMF
    • What is the most important muscle/organ
    • How the tech industry slides by with their bogus safety limits
    • Why you need to know the difference between thermal and non-thermal, and ionizing and non-ionizing effects
    • What is your base level of health?
    • Are you an electric being? And can EMF destroy your electrial potential?
    • I explain why low dose EMF destroys our health and extincts smaller and less complex animals.
    • Why cannot we not reproduce the original calories in vs. calories out study from 1930’s. And why eating less and moving more is one of the worst things for your health.
    • Why you need to stop putting your phone against your head, even if you have an EMF case
    • 100s of studies have been published on the Non-Thermal effects
    • The FCC has no in-house expertise, but yet they set the standard for our health against EMF?
    • Did they really set the safety limits for cell phones based on 40-60 minutes of TOTAL exposure time?
    • The effects of EMF are CUMMULATIVE
    • Why stress trumps everything
    • Why and how the tests are actually up to 3,119,584 x less than what should be reported
    • What is the difference between Hertz and Gigahertz
    • Different tissues and organs can handle more or less RFR/EMF and what are the factors that affect this
    • RFR/EMF and its relation to cancer and the stats for specific cancer incidence rates
      • Why kids and seniors are more affected by RFR/EMF
    • What are the 4 stupidest places you can put your phone
    • Why you need to tell your dentist ‘NO’ to X-Rays
    • The specific absorbtion Rate was determined by using a manequin and filled it up with fluid to mimic the brain.
    • Why holding your phone is a danger. How much RFR power is going into your body and how much is going to communication
    • Why France has banned or withdrawn 30+ models of cells phones
    • Another reason to STOP putting the phone on your head.
    • Cell phone radiation adds up day after day…it is cumulative.
    • Why you need to follow the inverse square law with your phone vs. head/body
    • Why the FCC reclassified a part of the ear as a non-essential extremity
    • What is the base level of health?
    • What’s the difference between non-ionizing and ionizing radiation
    • Why your breakfast should be the highest protein meal of the day if you are attempting to reverse a disease
    • How does Big Tech have their tentacles inside the WHO?
    • Why the WHO only ranks RFR as a class 2b Carcinogen but research shows it is a class 1
    • How much did a landmark study say that the FCC’s safety limits had to be increased to protect children?
    • What did the 2018 NTP study show and why is it so important for your health?
    • Tips with RFR for teenagers
    • How does memory, fertility, ADHD, testosterone,
    • What did the article that was taken down in Janaury 2024 from the Environmental Health Trust website say
    • Why children are so much more succesptiple to RFR and EMF
    • How do we use light for all our senses-sight, smell, hearing, etc….
    • Basics of airpods and why they suck so much
    • How does your brain act like an FM radio station
    • What does wireless tech do to our melanin
    • Why tech addiction is the same as cigarettes, cocaine, food, etc…
    • Are you in text neck? How to fix it?
    • POsture and sitting
    • The problems with bluetooth
    • What is the Warburg effect and how does tech affect it?
    • Does your body adapt to the tech use and change the metabolic pathways that you will use?
    • What is the switch for turning on pituitary hormones?
    • Is EMF changing your epigenetics
    • Is AMPK the key to the Warburg Shift?
    • What is mitochondrial heteroplasmy and why should you care?
    • Does EMF cause type 2 diabetes?
    • What does David Sinclair say are the 2 factors linked to premature aging
    • Why cancer is not a genetic disease and why you need to stop donating to cancer research
    • How does UV get into your body when it can’t penetrate deeply
    • Why no changes occur to DNA with EMF, but what does change the DNA?
    • Calcium- what you need to know about it and nnEMF
    • Study’s on how books and paper are better than Ipads and other tech devices.
    • Why you should never use your phone in your car or elevators or whenever your signal is not full.
    • Did you hear about the 240 scientists who signed the treaty that 5 g is not safe.
    • How airpods cause brain damage
    • Why melanin is our super power
    • How RFR destroys our Nitric Oxide
    • France’s cancer rates related to emf and rfr

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    LISTEN To Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode #54: Cell Phones & Wireless Tech: Unknown Death Causers Part 3


    Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode #54: Cell Phones & Wireless Tech: Unknown Death Causers Part 3

    Release date 5/26/24 | 4:10:57






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