• Blue Light Free ‘Gym’- Hilliard, Ohio

    Blue Light Free ‘Gym’- Hilliard, Ohio

    Blue Light Free Gym

    ?Does Your Gym Do This?!

    Introducing the new and improved (pun intended) Improvement Warrior Fitness and Athletic Revolution-Hilliard. The Blue Light Free Gym!

    blue light hazard improvement warrior fitnessPretty sure we are the first ‘gym’ in the greater Columbus area to do this. And I only know of one other gym in Lexington and another in Europe, but I’m sure there are others and more definitely to come as we learn about the dangers of blue light.

    Just like there is wifi hotspots, I believe there is going to be blue light free hotspots– although it will take 10-30 years. And by the way we are a wifi FREE hotspot! Wifi is one of the worst things for your health as well; use the ethernet cable when possible!

    Those that embrace this will change their health and life around now rather then watching a decline of yourself and loved ones.

    You’re light environment is more important then your food and exercise.sunlight and blue light improvement warrior fitness
    And even more so if you already have a disease. Big problem most people don’t know they have one because they fight the symptoms with artificial means (aka medications, over the counter medicine, caffeine, food, etc…….)

    Here we do try and keep the lights off as much as possible, however we are here before the sun rises and after it goes down. Because lights and anything that uses electricity will still be run off the power grid, which causes massive surge of EMF- electro magnetic fields, which can run havoc on your body.

    Blue light is the worst non-native EMF. So protect those eyes and skin.

    If you haven’t watched the blue light webinar: Blue Light part 1

    What is Blue light? And why did we decide to become a blue light free gym?

    Sunlight is made up of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet light. We see it as white light when all are combined when we are outside. Each spectrum of color has a different energy and wavelength. Blue rays jabe shorter wavelengths and more energy. Artificial Light that shines white will have a greatercompoenent of blue which will wreck havoc on our eyes, hormones, sleep and our overall health.


    Melanopsin: This is our blue light receptor. It was discovered in the eye in 1998 and in the skin in 2017. Our skin and eyes were meant to get blue light from natural sources- aka the Sun. Blue light from the sun is always balanced with red and the other colors of the spectrum. However, when it is just with artificial blue lights it has devastating effects on our eye health and our biology and the programs that we run within. Especially when it comes to sleep and our hormone melatonin.

    Chronic man-made blue light dehydrates cells because artificial blue light decreases the amount of water and CO2 a mitochondrion makes. Blue light is a form of nnEMF and all nnEMF dehydrate our cells like a piece of steak being heated up in a microwave oven.

    You can also watch my ‘retirement’ video from being the fitness and nutrition guru or coach here.

    #LightWithYun #BlueLight #Hilliardohio

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