• Artificial Lighting Full Bathroom | Room by Room Part 2

    Artificial Lighting Full Bathroom | Room by Room Part 2

    Improvement Warrior Fitness and nutrition and light
    We have about 7 or 8 blue lights all unscrewed and then one amber incandescent light bulb that is screwed in at the end. However, the power to this bathroom is off. So the lights don’t work, the plugs don’t work unless I turn on the power to the power grid by going to the basement and flipping the switch.

    Oh, that’s so inconvenient…….yeah that’s what most modern humans would say. And most modern humans are sick. Numbers are ~80% plus. Sad thing is a lot do not even know it.

    Electro-pollution is one of the main drivers for this sickness. We are electric beings and if we allow non-native electric and magnetic signals to interfere with our natural biology then that is when cell chaos happens — the cell’s can’t signal to each other– can’t deliver the information and energy they contain– which leads to inflammation, cell death, and disease if not fixed.

    I did not start here. I started simply changing the blue lit lights we had with orange CFL lights. Then I learned CFL’s are the worst personal light bulb you can have, so then I switched to Amber Incandescent light bulbs.

    Change your lights change your life.

    Blue light makes you fat Jason Yun Jack Kruse

    Incandescent uses more energy than CFLs or LEDs. My friends over at Koze Health make a flicker free LED, amber light. Use code IMPROVEMENTWARRIOR for 10% off.
    And if you need blueblockers check out Midwestern Light therapy, use code improvementwarrior10 for 10% off there.

    My 34-Day Light Challenge is open.

    Our mitochondria are driven by light. The food we eat delivers light signals via photons, electrons, and protons so our cells can ‘talk’ to each other to get the play right so we can score a touchdown. Artificial light causes our cells to fumble, put in the 2nd and 3rd stringers, and throw interceptions.

    Be better

    Here is the video for part 1 of the ROOM BY ROOM INDOOR LIGHTING


    Your Light Environment Is More Important Than The Food You Eat or The Exercise You Do!


    34-Day Light Challenge | 32-Day Circadian Rhythm Transformation


    34-day light challenge jason yun32-day circadian rhythm Transformation by jason yun





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