• Stress and Adrenal Fatigue | New Albany, Ohio Health & Wellness

    Stress and Adrenal Fatigue | New Albany, Ohio Health & Wellness

    Is stress the cause of Adrenal Fatigue?


    Stress of any kind causes chaos inside us

    Chaos causes inflammation & swelling

    Swelling ups the pressure in a cell> This increases the density. H2O density is linked to its refractive abilites to light (think sun reflecting off a lake on a sunny day)

    Our cells swim in a sea of water

    Water makes up around 60-80% of you depending on how old you are. (Which is why the older you get the more water you need to drink)

    When density changes so does the spectrum of light that our cells receive

    Water is the ultimate storer & passer-on of light energy/information.

    UV light naturally builds up pressure by storing energy in a cell. Then when the cell is ready to release the energy, the pressure released builds heat (infrared light) and the IR/heat is released.


    When heat is released, the mitochondria makes Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW) 

    This helps shorten the distance between our respiratory proteins inside our Mito. It needs the help of our electric & magnetic fields. The distance shrinks the most when we are absorbing UV light on our NAKED surfaces & Mitochondrial matrix is emitting IR light.

    Fat burning occurs when our mitochondria is releasing protons, IR light, CO2, and DDW.


    A healthy mitochondria/cell can hold light using electromagnetic charges in us & releases it when needed


    This is why healthy cells all release ELF-UV light. But the more stressed someone is the more light is released

    This over-UV-lighting alters our time perception. Ultimately, prematurely aging us & giving us diseases we don’t want


    Any type of stress chronically for a long time can induce adrenal fatigue. Stress kills our regenerative powers because our energy cannot be stored


    Light & cold change the water in our cells & hence what happens to certain processes & hormones. Melatonin is our regeneration leader for our mitochondrial colonies & also the geometry of our respiratory proteins


    The key link to either health or disease is energy production or loss of it

    Adrenal fatigue, just like most diseases, is simply an altered light problem. Or temperture. Our mitochondria is an envionrmental sensor. If all it senses is artificial light and 68-72 degrees (Whatever you set your thermostat to) then stress sets in, bringing down the entire gamut>Stress>Inflammation>Swelling>Change in water density>Change in signalling>Lots and lots more things>Loss of energy>Disease>Early death (if not fixed)s of energy.


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    When you are ready. And ONLY when you are ready, because nothing works long-term until that time.
    Stay strong, stay postiive, be the Improvement Warrior!
    Coach Jason Yun

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