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    The other day I was listening to a podcast and he brought up a study that is simply amazing.

    And it shows you the power of falling into addiction and not working on yourself.

    Doctors basically took patients who had less than 6 months to live due to their current health status. And informed them that if they don’t change their ways (i.e cigarettes, alcohol, poor diet, combination, etc…) then they have only about 6-12 months left of life.

    They came back to discover about 18-24 months later that 95% DIED


    They then went to the family members to ask them even with the knowledge that they only had a certain amount of time left then why didn’t they change their behaviors?

    The reason:

    “My mom would rather die than give up alcohol.”
    “My dad would rather die than give donuts and cigarettes.”

    They would of rather died than give up ____.

    It sounds like another podcast I heard where the woman had MS and said she would rather die than give up bread. But eventually she did and eventually got rid of her MS and was helping others do the same.

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    These vices that we have are powerful–cigarettes, food, alcohol, non-stop netflix/streaming, TV, video games, porn, gambling, drug use, and on and on….and the creators of them know it.

    They want you addicted because you spend more money with them.

    ANd if you die, its as simple at a busy New York Deli at lunch…


    The next person in-line will take their place.

    But you have the power to say NO.

    Or at least not fall prey to where you need it everyday.

    I always say plan out your treat days. Yesterday was Donnie Wahlberg’s birthday, so it was aa treatday for me. I ate 9600 calories…. Stayed up till 130 am…. but I only do that 2-3 times a month.

    Today, right back into my routine– morning sunrise, morning UVA (got extra time in both of those), cold tub, grounding, vitamin D, breathing session, and more stuff to come. Writing this at my outdoor office.

    It is when those vices become an everyday thing or multiple times throughout the day that creates the biggest problems for us. Because they are creating temporary pleasure with the activity, dopamine hits….but fake dopamine hits….the only thing that can truly regulate the right amount of dopamine is sunlight. UVA sun ‘makes’ dopamine.

    Which is why its super important to find other activites that keep us moving towards something better than we are right now.

    Finding a purpose in life is key. But if you don’t have one right now, just coming up with a goal. Just 1.

    If you’re not healthy then it starts there.

    Health is the greatest wealth.

    A better life is possible. Always. And at anytime of life. But it takes a choice to be different. Not slowly killing yourself like those people in the study.

    If you need help let me know.

    Make it an awesome rest of your day. Shine today

    Stay strong, stay positive, be the Improvement Warrior!


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