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At Improvement Warrior Fitness-Hilliard and also our youth program, we implemented a software into our programming called Wodify. Wodify allows us and you to keep track of your performance so we can see you actually getting better right before our very eyes.

Every one of our workouts (which we call FLOs- Fat Loss Opportunity) has a purpose.

You may not hit a new personal record (PR) each FLO, but over time we will be able to see the progress in our strength circuits and also our conditioning (metcons). In return you will see a huge difference in your body, posture, health and confidence.

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Wodify is our new tracking system. With this tool, we will be able to serve you better. You will be able to:

  • Check in for your class ahead of time.
  • Track and score your performance for certain exercises, metcons, etc.
  • Track nutrition, water, sleep, stress, etc, and ask for reviews from your coaches. Sometimes you will be assigned this 😃
  • Check and graph your past performances.
  • Check the workout or Fat Loss Opportunity (FLO) for the day and see any past FLO’s.
  • Prepare mentally and know what weights, PRs, to go for, for upcoming workouts.


Tracking your performance ensures that we are constantly making progress. The graphs and reports that Wodify will be able to generate will let us know when to make changes to your programming and exercise/rep selection.

Improving your performance in Wodify will also help better prepare you for the FitRanX Assessments that we do every 5th week. We are only training center in the Central Ohio area using these two fitness systems. You can read more about FitRanX here. 

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