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FAQ- Improvement Warrior Fitness' Mission

Our mantra is to help you get healthy, look better naked, and become the strongest version of YOU! We provide men and women and children, over the age of 13, an opportunity to achieve twice the results in less time and at a fraction of the costs of one-on-one personal training or your money back.
For details on our dedicated kids/teens program please click: Athletic Revolution Hilliard (new website will open up)When you register for your life transformation (we do not offer workouts or classes- CHANGE YOUR THINKING-CHANGE YOUR BODY), you will notice right from the get-go that we are not your average gym or training studio. We call our ‘workouts’– F.L.Os- Fat Loss Opportunity
Things you get as a trial member

  • Your Look Better Naked Nutrition Blueprint (the basics of good nutrition laid out)
  • 25 Rules of Fat Loss CD (now .mp3)
  • Access to the Improvement Board Member Portal
    • More information in the Improvement Board section
  • Access to our Trial Client Success Portal (Special access website only)
    • Here you will learn how to:
      • Watch the Orientation Video going over some of our trial member & member benefits
      • Perform self myofascial release with Foam roller and lacrosse ball
      • Download Your Goal Sheets
      • Go through the 9 Basic Exercises that we use at IWF constantly
      • Find out what our Phases of Testing is all about (FitRanX and Improvement Boards). Also see other FAQ question below.

When you attend your first F.L.O (Fat Loss Opportunity, which is what we call our workouts), you will find an atmosphere that is conducive to change. Whether there is 2 other clients in there or 30, our coaches deliver an experience and training environment second to none. All in an expectation that you will continue to get stronger and better conditioned.

Our F.L.Os are designed around the FitRanX fitness ranking system and also our Improvement Boards (Strength, Conditioning, Mobility). Think Martial Arts and their belt system. We are trying to get you first to a ‘white belt’ then progress to a ‘black belt’. Depending on your starting point the road may be easier or harder. And within each level you can progress as well— constant and consistent mini-WINS is what changes people’s mindset, body, and health.

After your first week with us, you should be in the swing of things and know the basics of how we operate. You are then eligible to set up a success session with the owner Jason Yun (see other FAQ Question for more details). Here we will map out a plan for your fitness, nutrition, goals, and how to reach each and every one of them.
This should be looked at as your number 1 most important aspect of your trial. Remember, just showing up and working out isn’t the goal. Having a reason for your training is, and that’s what the success session will do for you.

FAQ- What is Improvement Warrior Fitness Large group training (formerly Yun Fitness Bootcamps)

First, why we dropped ‘bootcamp’ from our name: There are ‘bootcamp’ programs popping up all over the place. The majority of them are simply workouts designed to get you tired and sweat and sore. Our workouts will do that as well, but first and foremost our program will get you better. And we expect you to get better as well.You can read the blog post about the changes we implemented here
When you come on for your trial with us, you will no longer simply be working out. You will be training. You are training to get better. Everybody that comes in will be training for a different reason. The end goal is the same– to be an Improvement Warrior every single day. To get better then the day before.

Again at IWF we do not consider ourself a ‘bootcamp’. We consider ourself Group Personal Training. You can call us what you want– strength & conditioning, metabolic training, fat loss training, etc…. We  put as much of a personal spin on your experience with us as possible. The moment you register for your  trial you will see the difference.
Shortly after your trial starts you will receive an invitation for your success succession. We will go over your goals and the nutrition practices that will help you reach your goals the fastest. This is free to all trial members and regular members- This is the most important part of our program according to 99% of our regular Improvement Warriors!

Red Light System & Mobilizations- We utilize the Red Light system in our classes. This let’s us know if you have any imbalances or movement pattern deficiencies and which exercises you should and should not be doing. You cannot reach your full potential if you are repeating exercises or ‘workouts’ that are reinforcing your patterns of movement that should not be done. It doesn’t mean we don’t like you if we Red Light you on certain exercises, it means we care about your results and want you to improve— and not get injured! Once we spot an movement restriction we can then start the process of correcting it with mobilizations you can do before/after class and at home or work. 

Also it is different because of the equipment that we incorporate. Kettlebells, sandbags, resistance bands, medicine balls, Lebert Equalizers, punching bags, sledge hammers, suspension trainers, battle ropes and bodyweight are just some of the unique training equipment. Those are some of the most effective equipment in the fitness industry. Combined with exercises and activities made to challenge the whole body at once. IWF’s training program and Coaches will quickly get you to reach your fitness and body goals. Even if you’ve never used equipment like ours, the learning curve is quick, the instruction is great, and the benefits last a lifetime.

Our training  now feature the Interval Music Workout System Workout Muse. Reviews so far have been awesome from all Improvement Warriors. Intensity is up from it, which means fat burning is up from it! Crank it!

You will not do any steady pace running/jogging in any of IWF’s programs. This is an inefficient way to burn fat and get in shape. Find out why with this article on why you should avoid cardio. We have 45 minutes or less with you, we need to train using methods that get results. Running is also has the highest incidence of injury for a recreational sport in America. We prefer to have our improvement warriors stay healthy and burn the most fat possible!

And everybody can do it! We are based off of timed sets. Intervals or circuits for super fat burning! Can’t go the entire time? Just do what you can for the day. Day by day you will eventually be able to do the full time, and you’re on your way to looking better naked 🙂

Mobilizations:  We work on our fitness and strength but a lot of times forget to perform routine maintenance on ourselves. If you sit 8 hours a day and workout for 45 minutes and think you’re healthy– think again. Mobilizations are easy to implement anywhere, anytime.  Check out our first phase of Mobilizations below:

Foam rolling: Self message. Extremely important for overall body and muscle health. Check out our Foam Rolling Benefits and routine video on why we incorporate foam rolling with every workout. Foam rolling before our F.L.Os has been replaced with the mobilizations above, but it is still very valuable afterwards and at home.

We also consider ourself an injury free zone. If you are injured already, we will fix it, or get as close to it as we can. 


How do I claim my 2-week trial? And how does it work? What are these other paid trials?

Simply go to the here to register for your 2-week trial
Follow the instructions there. And you’ll be all set. If you still have questions feel free to call me at 614-304-1426.
We also have the 21-Day Rapid Fat Loss Program for $21 which comes with a meal plan program, and body fat test. Read all about it at the link above or by clicking the logo below:
fat loss transformation hilliard and columbus fitness
Our final introductory trial is our 47-Day Ketogenic Diet Trial. This is hugely based on the actual nutrition science of ‘eating carbs makes you fat and eating fat makes you a fat burning machine.’ You can check it out by clicking the link above or the logo below:
Jason Yun Ketogenic Diet Nutritionist

I have a Groupon/Daily Deal/Gift Certificate

If you are a Groupon/Living Social, Metabody, or another Daily Deal Click, or you won a gift certificate  please click here to register

Do you offer childcare?

We offer you the ability to bring a child in to class. There is no extra cost. The child will be unsupervised but you will be able to see them at all times. This is available at our Hilliard studio. All you need to do is fill out a waiver form for your child, it will be sent when you register for classes.

How does nutrition factor into the program?

Our goal is not to overwhelm, but rather to ease you into adopting healthier dietary habits for long-term success. All trial members will receive a complimentary nutrition quick-start guide that will provide basic introductory nutrition guidelines to get the ball rolling in the right direction.   And as I mentioned before all new trial members will be able to sit down with Jason Yun for their success session to go over their goals and nutrition.   We also have open the following challenges which can be entered at anytime during the year:

Our online coaching program Mindtamer offers a Nutrition Only Option where you will be taken through different lessons on nutrition, calories, what to eat, what not to eat, etc…..

mental training for columbus and hilliard personal training


What if I'm needing extra motivation or accountability?

No problem. We offer a complimentary Goal/Nutrition Assessment to all trial members, either before, during or after their trial. We ask that you wait until after your first day before scheduling unless you registered for the 21-day Rapid Fat Loss Trial.

We also offer Mindtamer, this is an extra service, but it is a complete online coaching program designed to bring out the best of you in terms of Nutrition, Mental, Emotion, Awareness, and Spiritual. There are several different options to choose from depending on what you need the most help with.
Mindtamer positive thoughts for positive life

What is LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts?

This simply is our online version of the Improvement Warrior Training. We call it LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts. The workouts we do in class are online. Plus we have a bunch of other workout genres on there as well- like Beginner Bootcamp, All Band Workouts, Kettlebell Khaos, Body Weight Workouts, Hotel/Travel Workouts, Challenge Workouts, Yoga, and 5:00 Workouts, just to name a few. New workouts are added monthly. We had a lot of people who couldn’t make it to our regular classes because of travel, schedule conflicts, family obligations, etc… So with LBN Online you just log on whenever and select the workout of your choice. You can try it out for 7-days for free.
However we do not recommend adding extra training sessions beyond your Improvement Warrior Fitness Trial until your body has become more accustomed to the training. Usually 2-4 weeks. But we do offer a regeneration/recovery workout genre on LBN as well 🙂
Online workout videos columbus, oh

How much are the Improvement Warrior Fitness Packages?

Improvement Warrior Fitness is a monthly membership program. Members are required to commit to either a month-to-month, 4-month, or 12-month billing agreement at a membership level that best caters to their schedule and budget as outlined below. Please note the big savings on our package offerings that are provided to members who sign-up for a 4-month, Self-Improvement agreement. All memberships continue until cancelled or frozen:

Improvement Warrior Fitness Group Fitness Packages for Month-to-Month Self-Improvement Agreements



The HARDCORE Package- 2 Hour Personal Training Sessions/Month + Rapid Results Package $329/month
The Rapid Results Package- 3 Training Sessions/Week or 12 Total Sessions per Phase $229.99/ month
The Busy Person Package- 2 Training Sessions/Week or 8 Total Sessions per Phase $199.99/ month

Improvement Warrior Fitness Large Group Personal Training Packages for 4-Month Self-Improvement Agreements



The HARDCORE Package- 2 Half-Hour Personal Training Sessions/Month + Rapid Results Package $259/month (save $70)
The Rapid Results Package- 3 Training Sessions/Week or 12 Total Sessions per Phase + Member Benefits $119.99/ month (save $90)
The Busy Person Package- 2 Training Sessions/Week or 8 Total Sessions per Phase + Member Benefits $99.99/ month (save $90)

What are the Saturday Themed Improvement Training Sessions in Hilliard?

The specialty classes are classes that we do in our facility in Hilliard. These are our advanced class series. The themes are just fun things we like to do for our sessions. Things we have done in the past include- Advanced Abs and A$$, Kettlebell Khaos, TRX-Plosion, PowerFit, YunFit, Abs and Butt, Medicine Ball Mayhem, Metabolic Torture, and much more.

These classes will be offered on Saturday Mornings and during our regular transitions weeks.

Click here to see the current Themed and Special Event Schedule

What if I can't do an exercise?

This is why we use the Red Light System all new trial warriors and current Improvement Warriors in the program. If you can’t do an exercise due to previous injury, pain, discomfort, or simply aren’t able to perform it (yet), then a substitute or corrective or mobilization will be given for you. Pain is not a reason to stop exercise all together, unless it requires surgery or is causing other movement issues. Pain indicates something is wrong, so we need to fix what is wrong with alternates and correctives.

We have also partnered with one of the best Physical Therapist Facilities and Chiropractic centers in the Columbus and Hilliard area, that we can refer you to if need be.

My schedule varies from day to day-- What are my options?

You are able to mix and match class sessions as well as locations.

If you are not able to come to 3  sessions a week, or if you know you are going to have difficulty getting there on a regular basis, you can purchase one of our smaller 2 times a week option or our Punch cards. This will give you the option of coming 1-2 times a week to whatever day is most convenient to you.

I would like to come but I cannot afford it right now?

That’s ok.

We do have the LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts. It is a free trial for your first 7-days.


Our online coaching program Mindtamer also covers physical training as well. But it a written form.

We can also work to create a special package for you combining our physical classes with our online services. Just contact us to put something together.

Are there any discounts?

Yes. If you are a student in High School, College, or a Graduate Student there is a 12% off discount.

If you are an employee of Fire/Police/EMS/Military/Teacher/Nurse or an immediate family member there is a 12% off discount.

There is a 12% discount if you sign up with a buddy. This can include friends, family, spouse, significant other, or co-worker.

Discounts cannot be combined.

There is also a 50% off referral bonus. If you are a current client and refer someone who isn’t in IWF Group Training but becomes a member you will receive 50% off the next month’s fees. There is no cap to this, refer 4 people and get the next 2 months are FREE!

Do you test Body Fat Percentage?

We offer a body fat assessment. I perform a body fat analysis, take your body measurements, and your go over your current exercise and nutritional practices. The cost is $25 for the assessment. I use the Complete Ultrasound Body Composition Analysis from IntelaMetrix. It uses ultrasound to get a reading on your bodyfat levels, and is much more accurate than calipers. Click here for details.



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