Early Bird Workout Challenge

IWF Early Bird Special
Improvement Warrior Fitness Presents
The Early Bird 28-Day Workout Challenge 
Do more by 800 am then most people do all day
Make You & Your Health A Priority

In our 28-day Early Bird Workout Challenge you will:

  1. Get the workout in that you need before the bustle, stress, and circumstances of the day start piling up. This is YOUR time!
  2. Accountability and Short-Term Goals that help you reach your longer-term fitness, nutrition and body goals. 
  3. Varied strength & conditioning workouts that keep you progressing while being able to see and feel the difference.
  4. Nutrition coaching, tips, recipes, and systems. No more diets! 
  5. Being comfortable in your skin once again!

For only $28 you can finally get back on track and shed that unwanted fat!

IWF doesn’t hide anything about our programs from anyone. I’m not going to tell you this is going to be EASY. Because it’s not. Change is hard. But you didn’t come to this website if you weren’t ready to change. We have the program that can do that for you, if you are ready. You are going to face challenges and obstacles in this program. Our coaches will help you as best we can go over, around or simply SMASH through those obstacles. We know the obstacles coming which will make it easier to get through them. But your DESIRE to change has got to be there.

This is not a ‘I’m going to try it and see how I do’ type of program.

If you fill out the form below you are committing 100% to 28-days of action to transform your life. No more excuses!

Here is what you get with the 28-Day Early Bird Workout Challenge

  1. 3 Improvement Warrior Fitness Metabolic Resistance Training Workouts  x 12 total workouts (Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ either 515 or 600 am) ($119 value)
  2. Access to our online workout system- LBN Online Fitness Workouts ($12 value)
  3. 1 Saturday Themed F.L.O (workout) per week at Hilliard Studio ($30 value)
  4. Initial Goal/Nutritional Success Session via Zoom (online) with Jason Yun ($59 value)
  5. Initial Bodyfat Test with BodyMetrix 2000 ($25 value)
  6. Look Better Naked Nutrition Guide + Jason Yun’s Infamous Low Carb High Fat Recipe Book ($19 value)
  7. Measurement Tracking Sheet
  8. Grocery Shopping List
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