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This site and our program is your jump start to YOUR Improvement!

We trust you will find Improvement Warrior Fitness & Yoga is not your average gym or studio.

And that's because we expect you to Improve. Not just in regards to strength, body, mind, nutrition, and health. But in ALL Areas of your life.


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Improvement Warrior Fitness

With Improvement Warrior Fitness’ Group Training Program we have taken group fitness to a whole new level!

This is not your typical bootcamp or group fitness class that you have taken before in the past.

We guarantee your Improvement with our training, mostly due to our Red Light System and the FitRanX Assessment that we do every 5 weeks.

If you are tired of the word 'IMPROVEMENT' already then this isn't the place for you. Because if you aren't improving in life, then you are dying.

It's time to start living and improving!
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Register For Your Fitness Trial

With Improvement Warrior Fitness’ Group Training Program you have two options to start your fitness journey with us!

First is our 2-week Complimentary Trial. No upfront cost involved, but we do expect an investment of your TIME & SACRIFICE! So it is not Free so to speak.

Register here for your 2-week complimentary trial

The other introductory trial is our 21-Day Rapid Fat Loss Program.

This gives you access to all classes at IWF Monday-Saturday and includes Yoga. You get a success session with body fat assessment before and after the 21-days. Plus a 21-Day rapid fat loss nutrition plan.

Total investment just $21

Register here for the 21-Day Rapid Fat Loss Trial 

If you won a gift certificate or purchased a groupon or daily deal:

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FitRanX- Are You Ready To Level Up?

The revolutionary fitness assessment system that we use at Improvement Warrior Fitness is what sets us apart from the competition. And will set YOU apart from the OLD YOU as you become the Improvement Warrior!

Think of how the martial arts have their Belt system-- FitRanX is basically the same only with strength & conditioning. So now instead of just going and working out, you now have set targets each and every training session.

Our goal is to get you to a 'white belt' as soon as possible, then progress you through the levels.

Click here for more information

lose weight with fitranxx, better then crossfit?

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Improvement Warrior YOGA

Improvement Warrior Fitness Yoga is basically Jason Yun's own personal brand of Yoga. Taking the best of the best from other traditional Yoga practices, adding breath & meditation work, and adding in his own personal flavor from his years in the fitness industry.

All classes we provide alternates for all levels from beginner to advance.

Special Introductory offer of 1-Free Trial Class or 6-Classes for just $25

Click Here to Register For Your Complimentary Yoga Session

Click Here to Register For Your Yoga Special Intro Offer 6 classes for $25

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Improvement Warrior Yoga Studio in Hilliard

Saturday Morning Workouts

Our Saturday Morning workouts are the absolute best way to start your weekends off right!

These workouts are themed. Some of our most popular themes are:
- Kettlebell Khaos
- Advanced Abs & A$$
- TRX-Plosion
- Med Ball Mayhem
- Power Fit
- Power Cardio

All classes we provide alternates for all levels from beginner to advance.

Special Introductory offer of 1-Free Trial Class or 4-Classes for just $19.99

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47-Day Ketogenic Diet Challenge

Did You Know: Carbs Kill and Fat Heals?

You’ve Been Lied To For More Then 50 Years, Isn’t It About Time You Discovered The Real Secrets To Eating That The FDA Doesn’t Want You To Know!

This is our latest and biggest transformational challenge of the year!

Starts May, 262015.

If you have ever been confused, frustrated, or downright angry at following the standard typical nutritional advice put out by people who you trust with your health and nutrition then this challenge is for you.

Click the banner to get started

Jason Yun Ketogenic Diet Nutritionist

Body Fat Assessment

You have the opportunity to get your complete body analysis. This is the same body fat device used by Tim Ferris in his best selling book: 'The 4-Hour Body'.

We use the BX2000 Complete Ultrasound Body Composition Analysis from IntelaMetrix.
It uses ultrasound to get a reading on your body fat levels, and is much more accurate, and less painful than calipers.

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